Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Yesterday I wrote a post on Jonathon Trott's abrupt departure from the recent Ashes Tour of Australia.

Unusually for me I 'bottled' and deleted it on the premise it would be seen as kicking someone who was vulnerable.
Today after a good sleep, I an in agreement with Former England opener and Captain, Michael Vaughan, so here it is.

John 'J K' Kirwan has made a tremendous advance in depression treatment with his open and constructive support for how it is treated and more importantly accepted, particularly by males.

The recent tragic death by suicide of Charlotte Dawson after a long running battle with her demons around depression was yet another example of how black dogs can subsume anybody at any time.

Trott's very sudden and unexpected run for sanctuary placed significant additional pressure on his team mates with a five zip whitewash, an outcome after a three nil win in a home series only months earlier.
Skipper Allister Cooke floundered with his form and tactics, Joe Root, a rising talent succumbed, Matt Prior and Graeme Swann also came under pressure leading to Swann's retirement. Even a mature Michael Carberry who had gained the second openers spot became damaged. The only England player who seemed to cope was Chris Broad who after an infamous failure to walk at Trent Bridge, was promoted to "most despised" by the Aussie spectators, an action that seriously backfired when it seemed to actually make him stronger.

When Trott departed it was due to "stress" issues and his mental state was advanced leading to a very sympathetic and softly softly treatment in all media.
A recent publication of his take where he referred to his being seen as a "nutcase' and "crazy" has pretty much demolished his mental illness excuse for suddenly running out on his team mates and is now seeking restoration.

Trott just lost his bottle when facing a focused and on fire Mitchell Johnston sending down 150kph rockets and for respite Harris and Siddle only slightly slower but equally searching.
What Trott could have done was to have a cup of cement and even if dropped just stuck with his mates with support and assistance from his many years experience.
Then again he is not a "true Brit", he is another Saffa who has found fame in English cricket, joining a list that includes Basil D'oliveira, Tony Gregg, Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Strauss, Alan Lamb, Robin Smith.

One of the basics for modern treatment of depression and related mental health issues is acceptance it happens, can be treated and or minimised,  resorting to terms such as crazy and nutcase are very counter productive in any such moves.

IMHO Trott was more concerned with his "test averages" and "reputation" and took the cowards way out, I am OK with that but he should have withdrawn before the tour, possibly the most charged since Jardine brought Larwood and Voce to The Lucky country over seventy years ago, began instead of waiting until he was exposed with scores of 10 and 9 using shot selection even Monty Pannesar would avoid.

Yorkshire hardman Mathew Hoggard has joined Vaughan in opposing Trott's bid for reinstatement and this aficionado of cricket is very much of the same opinion.

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Tinman said...

GD, I agree.

I note that Johnson has now seen off quite a list of top cricketers (Smith the latest), all bar Trott retiring.

For cricket's sake I hope Trott is not reselected.