Friday, March 7, 2014


The Roy Morgan Poll out this afternoon (the one Labour apparatchiks swear by as the Real McCoy) confirms that the Cunliffe led Labour Party is in serious trouble.

National is up 0.5% to 48.5%.   Labour at 30.5% is perilously close to a poll number starting with 2.    The Greens dip 1.5% to 10.5% while Winston First drops below the 5% threshold.
On these figures National with 62 seats) + ACT (1 seat) and United Future (1 seat) could govern without the need to do a deal with the Maori Party.

Much water to flow under the bridge yet but I would far prefer to be in Mr Key's shoes than Cunliffe's .... and this poll was taken before the news of Mr Hypocrite's secret Trusts broke.

Anyone know of BBQs scheduled for this weekend?


thor42 said...

Yep, very good for the Nats.

I was disappointed that Labour hadn't yet plunged into the 20s.
Hopefully that will happen very soon.

Good to see the Greens taking another hit. Also good to see Winston First drop below 5%.

Paulus said...

No Barbeque planned as the Labour caucus have no say in the leader's appointment any more.
It is up to the Unions and Affiliate Unions to make all the decisions,
So Labour will just have to labour on under Cunliffe, until after the Election then, even if they were to win, they can kick him out if the Unions so wish.