Sunday, March 9, 2014


It may take some time before the circumstances regarding the 'disappearance' of MH370 are fully known.    What I am having a little difficulty getting my head around (as a pilot, albeit with less than 1,000 hours in his log book) is the silence regarding the reported two 'oil' slicks.

To my mind it should take less than a couple of hours to determine whether a sample from the oil stick matched the fuel the plane was carrying.   It's really no big deal and if it does then the search area can be narrowed down.

But being an 'armchair' analyst is a very easy thing.    This is a tragedy and the authorities will throw everything they have to determine what happened early yesterday morning.


Watcher said...

",,,couple of hours to determine whether a sample from the oil stick matched the fuel the plane was carrying."

The Vietnamese air force don't have Bombardier Superscooopers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

It's difficult to avoid the conclusion that a bomb may have exploded.

The incident occurred when the aircraft was at cruise altitude - a time when, historically, few accidents occur. The incident was so catastrophic that the crew did not even have time to issue the briefest of distress signals.

Whatever, how terribly terribly sad.

And some in Australia are using this incident to score political points in the debate on federal assistance to Qantas.

Andrei said...

... is the silence regarding the reported two 'oil' slicks.

I think it is very wise for the authorities to play it close to the chest until they're sure.

You know how the media take any factoid and build a fanciful narrative which in the fullness of time proves to be as bogus as hell, at which point they all fall upon the poor official who gave them the crumb upon which they built it and blame him/her for their flights of fancy

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... as I understand it the oil slicks were located within helicopter range of the Vietnamese coast.

The Vietnam People's Air Force operates a range of helicopters including the Eurocopter Dauphine which was specifically purchased for use as a SAR aircraft.

I agree it is unwise to rush to conclusions but whether or not the oil slicks relate to MH370 is easily determined.

Anonymous said...

The S China Sea is covered in jetsam. Over 100 large vessel movements a day north from Singapore alone -- all dumping something from oily bilge ballast to garbage. Looking for a kerosene slick is like looking for the right leaf on a tree. Looking for small pieces of an aircraft that has gone in like a gannet from a great height is a task like sorting a city dump. Given time they'll find it though.


Watcher said...

Oil slick from a boat.
Did you give them a heads up or were they going down that track by themselves?

Anonymous said...

Why wait? The military should have scramble their fighter jets as soon as the plane went off the radar or even attempt a turn back. They should have send the bloody jets to evaluate and check. A lot of idiots and clowns should be sack. Lets hope the plane can be found.

Anonymous said...

There is no point in further disparagement of the pilot and co-pilot of the ill-fated flight, given their political connections with a compromised opposition beholden to the colonial past. The practicing with landing at Diego Garcia on the pilot's flight simulator indicates a deep background with the Western intelligence services and probably Israeli espionage operating out of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

The airliner's descent over the Maldives, according to witnesses, went smoothly, for a safe landing on the long tarmac at the US Air Force Base on Diego Garcia Island, a CIA rendition center with underground hangars and prison used during the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Anonymous said...

Upon arrival, the passengers would be herded into separate waiting areas, with the prize captives from Freespace sent to a debriefing facility, where their hard drives, laptops and smartphones would be confiscated and data downloaded, while the human intelligence assets were being questioned. The interrogators had a fairly easy task in telling the defenseless programmers: Join us or die with the rest.

The cooperative would be given a new identity, and reintroduction into civilian life in a remote North American community after being administered memory-erasing drugs, similar to the ones first developed in the MK-ULTRA program.

After vetting of all passengers, the uncooperative and high-risk suspects would be drowned and their corpses tossed near a phony "crash site", off the coast of Western Australia, while US submarines discharge other bits of "evidence" into the cold waters. The crew of the plane was probably rewarded with a short walk off the plank into the jaws of waiting sharks. Anyone who puts their trust in imperial power deserves no less.

Anonymous said...

Once the operation is completed and the media begin the mourning rituals, tearful American diplomats will attend memorial services for the missing victims of a tragic accident. Meanwhile, a cabal of Air Force officers and defense contractors will be clinking beer mugs with their former boss and guru, General Michael Hayden, the bureaucrat who militarize spaced and expanded the NSA into the global monstrosity that it has since become.

MH370 will be remembered on the History Channel as an unsolved riddle wrapped in mystery, but no TV station will mention the other code involved in this dreadful affair - KL02 - cause of the untimely deaths and mangled memories of any survivors.