Saturday, March 22, 2014

Meanwhile back at truth honesty and integrity HQ.

Those very nice trustworthy political operators are just putting the facts out there.

Recently after a transparent review and reallocation of Vote Health funding to address problem gambling, contestable funding was removed from The Problem Gambling Foundation to the Salvation Army, apparently on the simple premise the Salvos made a better case.

Definitely nothing to see here but hang on how did that play out.

Poster boy for anger management programs, ex school teacher, vendor of complementary tickets on Trademe,  convicted thug, allround bovverboy and Member of Parliament for Hutt South immediately hit on the media with the allegation this funding denial and reallocation was all because the Problem Gambling Foundation had opposed the Sky City convention center deal that increased the Casino's poker machine cap.

His erstwhile leader immediately followed with his favoured weapon for personal foot shooting (the season was recently extended) and tweeted his support for that allegation.

Only one little inconvenient truth stood in the way of this latest charge of the government using its powers to punish opponents.
Simple fact is that the Sallies had equally opposed the Skycity deal along with the PGF.

So perhaps a bit of digging might reveal what triggered this self immolation.
Well well well who might have been an insider to alert the occupier of the Herne bay "do up" and his ferocious Doberman, now defanged and minus some jewels.

A leading suspect might well be the National health manager for Problem Gambling Foundation  and apparent possible job seeker, non other than one Tony Milne, recently nominated NZLP candidate for ChCH central, protegee of a past MP for that seat and now "the man" at Party HQ and along with Milne rainbow faction member, Tim Barnett.

Of course Mallard, Cunliffe, Milne, Barnett et al are merely hard working political operatives doing their jobs with no manipulation, half truths, falsehoods, self interest and not a glass of milk yet revealed.


Edward the Confessor said...

You're finding the dirt hard to come by these days aren't you old fella? Your opponents, however, have plenty. The Nats are really starting to smell, aren't they?

gravedodger said...

Nice bit of ageist crap there Confuser.

Meanwhile I hear an order for air freshener has been sent out from Frazer House in Willis St as an odour problem there seems intractable.

You hang in there, the Roy Morgan Poll will have complacency restored at FH and a wake up call to the supporters of the government.
Keys best friend, David the 3rd is safe for now.

Btw when does the foot shooting season end? I heard it had been extended by six months.

Psycho Milt said...

Only one little inconvenient truth stood in the way of this latest charge of the government using its powers to punish opponents.

Simple fact is that the Sallies had equally opposed the Skycity deal along with the PGF.

I'm curious - what do you believe this tells us about the funding decision? Are you envisioning some scenario in which there are problem gambling charities that aren't opposed to Sky City increasing its gambling outlets?

I'm also curious as to the justification for the claim that these two groups "equally" opposed Key's dodgy Sky City deal. I recall the PGF as much more vehement in its opposition and much more willing to hold the government responsible for its policies.

Brick said...

Hardly surprising Milt that PGF should be so vocal - the kindest thing to be said about it was that it had become yet another refuge for socialist troughers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


".....much more willing to hold the government responsible for its policies. "

That must be the policies which substantially reduced the numbers of pokies in South Auckland dives where the real problems exist?

Edward the Confessor said...

So, brick, you're "socialist" (ohhhhhh terrible) now for voicing opposition to the promotion of gambling when you're part of an organisation that's set up to address the problems associated with gambling? Are all tories as thick as you, or are you an extreme example?

How is this a scandal again? Does Mallard's wife own shares in the PGF?

gravedodger said...

Last I heard Confuser, Mallards Wife of many years, Stephenie I think her name was, saw the light some time ago and it was an odd shaped torch, no lens, with flat batteries.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yeah, well as I said, old fella, you've got nothing.

Brick said...

edward - surprised to find you back here. Eyes still tight shut, brain off - get one of your more educated acquaintances to explain 'open tender' to you.

Edward the Confessor said...

Sorry, Brick, what's the scandal? Criticising the government is something opposition MPs aren't allowed to do now? Run along now little man, you're a wee bit out of your depth

gravedodger said...

So now we all understand; Backward the Confuser knows, Dodger is an old Tory, Brick is a small socialist while confuser is simply thick.
Nice to have those pertinent facts straight, very illuminating.

Apologies from Dodger, Brick, he gets very addled when his spittle occludes his screen and hallucination becomes his main point of reference.
In this case he got to tender and thought it was meat, probably related the open to the catfood making the fridge stink at Frazer House, where his attack lines come from.
I know, calling his drivel "attack lines" will give him notions above his station.

I used to just give him the arse card but his humor has a bit of value, sort of like an incoherent monkey trying to sing while chained to an organ.
I know, exploiting dumb creatures and all that, I cant help it, being an old 'Tory' and all.

Brick said...

Nicely put Dodger - guess I am just an old realist who does not suffer idiocy gladly.

Edward the Confessor said...

You seem to accept corruption just fine though Brick. And you suffer under idiocy perfectly well it seems.

I have no idea what Gravedodger is saying. Sometimes he eats alphabet soup, excretes the contents and pushes "publish".

Brick said...

Edward - add irrelevance to the above - now toddle off and find something useful to do.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yawn. Going to have to try harder, chief. Time you had a glass of milk and a lie down.