Sunday, March 23, 2014

Little Toad ignores 53% of South Australian Voters.

After 53% of  voter gave their support to the Liberal Party in a hung parliament under a rather unusual electoral system, Independent Geoff Brock has thrown his lot in with rejected Jay Weatherill  ALP leader to form a minority administration.
ALP 23 seats, 47%
Liberal party 22 Seats 53%
2 independents. One Bob Such has taken two months leave of absence)
1.9 swing to the Libs.

The other Independent Bob Such an exLIB, has suffered a health setback leaving pseudo ALP Brock and Weatherall to set up a notional government with indecent haste and boy did Brock have all the guilty body language of a tumbled burglar. At turns angry, sweaty, talking so fast as to be unintelligble and only informed Lib leader Stephen Marshall by way of a answerphone message.

Had Weatherill and Brock had a smigeon of regard to the will of the electors in the face of a performance of a very inept Electoral Commission, they  could have allowed for The 47% ALP to put up a speaker and allowed the will of 53% of electors to be respected.

Funny no calls from anyone let alone the socialist for an MMP system, I guess that is due to the present system year on year delivering the urban vote to the ALP via seats won and the Liberals understanding what a monkey's arse MMP actually is. It is estimated in the light of a 1.9% swing to get the Libs, to get the other  two seats, it is estimated they would need to poll 55% two party preferred to win the treasury benches.

Not a great look Weatherill and Brock,  just a tad quick to take advantage me thinks,

Best of luck to Bob Such .

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