Tuesday, March 25, 2014


The Qantas subsidiary Jetstar doesn't have a great reputation and so it was with some trepidation that Pam and I decided to take advantage of a special offer from them to fly Auckland-Singapore direct, business class, for a total cost of less than one normal return economy class fare flying S'pore airlines.

We figured that as time wasn't the essence we could afford any delays and, if everything turned to custard, travel insurance would kick in.

Was down in Christchurch and Queenstown last week doing Gods Work and in a 'Oh Bugger' moment picked up the news that Jetstar was pulling out of the Auckland-Singapore route as part of the restructuring of that company.    

I thought at best all we could really expect was to get our money back ..... not so.    Got back home to Paihia to find an e-mail from Jetstar advising that they had re-booked us on Qantas, business class, flying via Melbourne to arrive in Singapore a few minutes earlier than our original ETA and coming back departing Singapore a couple of hours later.     In addition they have given us a $100 gift voucher for our 'inconvenience' ..... some inconvenience going business class on a regular airline.

So, all I can say is well done Jetstar.   


Watcher said...

Ah not surprising it is a whole owned subsidiary of Quantas.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... I'm aware of that but it is much more than I expected.

The cost of this will impact on Jetstar's bottom line. What I am being offered is an $8,900 airfare for $2,300 and Jetstar didn't have to do that. They could have gotten away with refunding our fare and good bye.

I congratulate Jetstar for the way in which they handled this.

Noel said...

Ironic what?
A direct result of the Qantas reshuffle after failure to gain Abbotts support.
No Dreamliner purchases no routes.

Anonymous said...

"Forward orders for new aircraft – including eight Airbus A380s bound for Qantas and three of the Boeing 787's headed for low-cost offshoot Jetstar – are being deferred to an unspecified date."

The Veteran said...

Noel ... Qantas is a basket case airline with chickens that finally came home to roost.

Until it is prepared to take on the featherbed staffing levels it was saddled with as a result of sweetheart deals negotiated with Unions, review its below cost domestic fare structure and generally smarten up their act, they will continue to languish (or be eaten up by Emirates).

Maybe, just maybe, the refusal of Tony Abbott to guarantee support may force them to make the hard decisions necessary for their long term survival.

It was fascinating to hear Oz commentators suggest that all they needed to do was to look to the Air NZ model.

Watcher said...

Great to see you got a great deal.

"Jetstar's withdrawal from the Auckland-Singapore route will cost the tourism industry $70 million a year"