Monday, March 24, 2014

It took a while and to some watching, seemed unlikely.

Ele at Homepaddock reports Clare Curran has finally been confirmed as NZLP candidate for Dunedin South and closes with a good comment:

"If her own party don’t really want her, why should the good folk of Dunedin South?"

Sheesh they sent the very strange ex school teacher, Benson Pope to Wellington for three terms, not sure if Curran was a step up or backwards

It will be no great revelation to most who visit   at Homepaddock and understand the demographic that makes up Dunedin South, as Ms Curran will have a support base that is indoctrinated second, third and probably fourth generation tribal Labour, who even though circumstances have raised them from the desolate real poverty of those old suburbs that vote labour because they didn't grasp there exist options in a modern world.
 They are locked into a mindset, largely due to the suffocation of welfare, turpitude and lethargy.

In 1950 Dunedin had; St Kilda, Mornington Dunedin North and South,
Christchurch;Avon, Riccarton, Lyttleton, CHCH Central and deep red Sydenham,
Wellington; Mirimar, Petone, Hutt, Brooklyn,
and Auckland; Grey Lynn,  Arch Hill,  Onslow,  Auckland central, Mt Albert, Waitakere and Onehunga as tribal labour populated electorates with hard working manual labourers and public servants for whom Micky Savage and his first labour government in 1935 brought a real revolution.

To think of many of those very concentrated electorates as Labour today is laughable as they have morphed into home territory  for equally hard working people but who like little kittens, have opened their eyes and seen destructive socialist based labour in its true colors.

Clare Curran represents an electorate that has changed so little it is quite quaint and even a little Brigadoonish.
I have stated previously, a manuka stick with a swede stuck on it and sporting a red rosette would romp in as a labour candidate.
Many of the diminishing labouring class have been augmented by academics and school teachers in tribal Labour, who through book lernin and a dreamtime existence on OPMs replacing earned wages and  savings from  life shortening hard manual work, have a similar unthinking irrational tribal link to the increasingly irrelevant NZLP c2014.

Eventually education and burgeoning awareness will release  the delightful hidden areas of Ms Curran's electorate for what they are  and what they offer as a lower cost base for entrepreneurs and intelligent people to advance their lives using assets such as the University and Dunedin Hospital as the mother lode they truly are. Medical research, technology, arts and science all suffer from high costs of space and staff yet here is housing and space oh so very affordable.

Meanwhile far too many will continue to whinge about the loss of 19th century industrial monuments to a bygone era such as Burnside workshops, and send Ms Curran to Wellington on a continued search for fools gold in a party that doesn't currently rank her, even as a second term MP.

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