Sunday, March 9, 2014

How TV3 manipulates politics

I was informed of this today regarding the Act conference last weekend - summarised in my own words:
I can tell you that...the conference was very successful and the press has not been too bad.  For those...who saw the report on TV3 I can tell you that the audience shot attributed to Jamie's speech was...actually...taken at an earlier time of the conference when people hadn't arrived.  There were no empty seats when Jamie spoke to about 260 people; in fact it was standing room only.
 TV3 shows a half-filled room and attribute it to the audience who was at Jamie Whyte's speech.

When it actually wasn't the audience at all.

Sure, no big deal in the overall scheme of things.  But something to consider next time you see or hear anything coming out of TV3.


Barnsley Bill said...

TV3, have had zero credibility for over a decade with me. Some of you may recall Fatty Garner doing his reports in front of a blue screen when he was reporting on politics.
The pictures used to represent party leaders were a work of CGI that James Cameron would have got hard over.
On the red side we had some photoshopped representation of Clark that made her look like a middle aged Angelina Jolie with fuck me red lipstick and a set of teeth that would shame hollywood. The reality of course was a set of teeth that looked like a row of twisted chips.
In the blue corner they managed to find a pic of Don Brash that made him look like Mr Burns, only older.
This carried on for years and Garner continued to use the fake Clark photo right up until we booted her out.
Proving once and for all that while you cannot polish a turd you can roll it in Glitter.
Not much point mentioning John Campbelll, to copy others; The science is settled on that one.

Watcher said...

Is that also true of Act's major sponsor Mr Gibb saying all schools hospital and roads should be privatised.

Nick K said...

No, Watcher. I've heard him say that many times and he presents good arguments for it.

Judge Holden said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Which just goes to show why Sludge is forever banned from my blog

Watcher said...

"I've heard him say that many times and he presents good arguments for it."

How about

"....the Singaporean system can ask individuals to pay a large portion of billed costs out of pocket because the government a) subsidizes most of those billed costs, and b) runs healthcare facilities that dominate the market."