Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Kill Off Trade, Jobs and Votes

Shout from every roof top accusations of corruption on the part of an NZ cabinet minister who met with and dined with a senior Chinese official.  The implication of course is that the Chinese official also is corrupt.  It turns out the official was one to whom NZ diplomats and trade officials had been unable to gain access.

It took a post from Cactus Kate, a seasoned Asian business person, to show the fools Cunliffe and Robertson in their true light.  No more than clumsy, clod hopping bunglers who should have known better than to shoot their mouths off.  These guys went to the same school of diplomacy as did the little Aussie nose picker who famously called the Chinese 'rat fuckers' and the Secretary General of the UN 'Spanky Banki.'

Here's the axe through the shoulder blades for Robertson and Cunliffe:-

This is why the Labour Party in their ridiculous obsessive questioning of Judith Collins going to a dinner  and who paid, is way off beam and showing complete diplomatic and racial ignorance.
Embarrassing really when they want to connect to the Chinese community to help with their fast declining vote in Auckland.
To make matters worse Grant Robertson used to work for MFAT and David Cunliffe’s CV claims he did as well.
I look forward to a further rapid decline in Labour's poll ratings.


Barry said...

It is not surprise that labour again manages to shot its foot off.
Its almost unbelievable that some of the issues they are pushing are just soooo negative to the electorate.

Many people just cant believe that a minister is being criticized for promoting an NZ product.

And all their mutterings in parliament are just so negative to their cause.

Jones will be their leader by - well not lunch time - but within 6 months of their defeat.

Watcher said...
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Judge Holden said...
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Anonymous said...

Imagine living in the heads of these pathetic little men such as Judge Holden and Eddie the Confused.

They must lead such dismal lives.

Mrs Danvers

Barnsley Bill said...

For all the fuss that is being made about Collins taking care of business it really annoys me that the media have allowed numerous acts of malfeasance by Labour and its mates slide.
Cunliffe launders secret money through a trust. Nothing to see here.
Jones gifting citizenship to wanted international crooks. All forgiven , lets talk the wanker up as leadership material.
Annette King helping Darren Hughes slip the country. Nothing to see here.
The rank hypocrisy is sickening.
I don't give a shit if Collins had dinner with a Chinese Billionaire. Chinese trade is maintaining all our lifestyles and until somebody can come up with an alternative to continuing our lifestyles by feeding China I am all ears.
Until then the non tax paying, govt funded fuck weasels need to shut the fuck up