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Do Coroners require a degree in stupid, have papers in Stupid as part of their degree or do they just need to be assessed as terminally stupid in the selection and appointment process?

The latest incident has one of these well paid idiots, one Garry Evans, commenting at the close of an inquest into the death of a Mr Hoskins from Hastings on a rural Waikato road at night when he was walking back to a Cambridge Motel from a wedding at Matangi.

Any sudden death is tragic, a 26 yo son of someone doesn't improve that degree of tragic therefore  I am sad about it.
My sadness is quickly evaporated though when a few pertinent facts emerge.
Hoskins had consumed sufficient alcohol to give a post mortem reading almost double the limit for driving.
He had also smoked Cannabis that in all probability exacerbated the effects of the booze.
The vehicle strike assumed to have ended his life occurred when a passing vehicle and laden trailer hit an object the driver thought could have been something on the road , a pothole or other road damage.

Well unfortunately for Hoskins, he is still dead but instead of focusing his closing on what I would consider relevancy, The Idiot Evans, possibly seeking the award for the most vacuous 'comment of the year' at the annual convention of coroners, leveled remarks on the regulations around vehicle lights on moving vehicles at night with reference to dipped headlights!!!!!
Nothing about victim being drunk,  cannabis use, tiredness, clothing, visibility, suitablity of road side for pedestrians, nope just a stupid call for regulatory reform of lighting for vehicles at night around driving with dipped headlights.
It was suggested there was fog in the area and any driver with more than a smigeon of knowledge reduces from full beam, as the reflective nature of fog seriously diminishes vision for a driver.
Rural roads have many hazards on them dead vermin, lost loads, and in this case a  human body, could just as easily been a lamb, calf, pig.
From my reading, no information on whether Mr Hoskins was struck once, twice or more, cadaver damage that might give a clue not offered or at least reported in what I read.
An attending Paramedic confirmed The unfortunate man was still alive when first  examined but expired soon after.

When wedded bliss first arrived at our place swmbo contributed a "low headlight" Morris Minor c1948 model with a 6 volt electrical system, night driving a distinct worry, reflection from fog low on the disadvantage  list.

I am sure any regulatory reform enacted as a result of this fatuous moronic brain fart from "his stupidness" will make very little difference to the outcome for another skinny drunk, lying comatose on a rural road in the dead of night with patchy low level fog making identifying such an object very difficult.

So goodluck with next years coroners convention Mr Evans, that effort was right up there and could well make the finals, plenty of equally stupid efforts for competition though, so don't be too disappointed, next year offers another opportunity.

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