Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Craig v Norman

I am appalled that a large portion of comments on this thread on Kiwiblog appear to support Colin Craig's defamation claim against Russel Norman.

Anyone who values a rich, vibrant democracy should be aghast at the thought of a leader of a party not in parliament threatening to sue a sitting MP for what was plainly an off-the-cuff remark said in the cut and thrust of political debate.

I couldn't care less it's Russel Norman, the Communist from Canberra.  Most cheerleaders on Farrar's blog think the opposite: It's acceptable because it's Russel Norman.

Anyhow, the alleged comment is hardly defamatory; and even if it was, Norman has more defences than the Chiefs backline.

But it should never get to that.

Try telling that to the ravers at Farrars. 


Andrei said...

Indeed - Colin Craig is a joke, and this an election year distraction.

If you want to engage in politics a thick skin is required and if you want to win votes a vision needs to be articulated.

Just hanging up your shingle with CONSERVATIVE on it and then playing the fool is not a vote winner

Marc said...

Maybe, just maybe Colin's tactic has already paid off - there has been a noticable silence from the crazy melon and his sidekick in the last couple of weeks. The commie has probably realised that free hits are no longer without some unfortunate, expensive consequences. I say, good investment Colin.

Judge Holden said...

That's right, Marc, he intends to bully people into silence by taking legal action against anyone who criticises him. It's democracy the conservative way. Won't work though, he's a nutter, and this will continue to be pointed out loudly and cheerfully.

Watcher said...

This reminded me to check on the Mallard,Little vs Collins thingy.
Oh I see it's settled and all parties will make no comment.
Happened in the public domain yet Joe Kiwi aint privy to the outcome.
I guess it's no use following the Norman vs Craig given the same probable out come.
What a waste of word space these political defamation cases are.

Blair said...

No, I get sick of the Left demagoguing people as racist/sexist/homophobic and then all but getting away with it. I've no love of Colin Craig at all, I think he's a fraud, but he is clearly not someone who believes anything along the lines of the cliches Norman spouted about him.

If Norman had said something like "the result of Craig's policies would be gays back in the closet and women back in the kitchen", then that would still be a load of bollocks, but it's reasonably held political opinion. Instead he made a comment about Craig and his beliefs, and I think it's 100% fair that he get sued for spouting such nonsense.

Judge Holden said...

Oh fuck off, Blair. Why can't Cwaig just refute the claims if they're such nonsense? He's a coward who's had his bluff called. And you're a dickwad.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who expected the virtue of truth in political speeches at a sod's picnic is truly away with the fairies.

You out on bail Judge?


barry said...

All very interesting, but...

1. Craig couldnt buy such publicity.
2. The Greens are very prone to throwing the racist, homophobe, etc words around. Only a few weeks ago the other half leader accused people of being racist because they commenetd on her jacket (if she didnt keep expanding she wouldnt need to keep buying bigger and bigger clothes...)
3. Irrespective of who is doing it, its about time someone took the greens to task for being fast and loose with their accusations
4. If you think Craig is being a bit delicate about his feelings - then wait until or if the greens ever got any parlimentary power - then youll be thinking things like "why didnt craig organise a hit on this lot" because deep down they have some really, really crazy ideas.
5. And Ill bet my mate Winny is green with envy at the publicity Craig is getting - because even Winny knows that there are a lot of people that think like Craig - ie: there should be one parent at home with young children, and - like myself - I really am tired of hearing on the news that another 'famous' person has finally decided on their gender. Maybe they should be in the closet - but they certainly shouldnt be on the news.

Barry said...

Well - interesting happenings.

A webpage opened for donations for Colin Craigs legal costs was opened this morning (march7) and has alread reched $50,000 and at that rate will be $70,000 within 12 hours.

I suspect there are quite a few out there who think its time the greens got their come-uppance.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Keep an eye on Colin Craig. It's not coincidence that he has risen as the Greens have declined.

Judge Holden said...

Is that a prediction, Adolt? Cheers bud, as the worst pundit in history and having never been right about anything, you just killed any small chance Craig may have had. Loser.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sludge, you will struggle to keep an eye on him a you have only one eye. Before long it will be black. Hack

Judge Holden said...

Again Adolt, you must be terribly disappointed with the Romney presidency. Remember how you said all the polls were wrong? Hilarious. And you still expect you'll be taken seriously? You did the right thing in disappearing for a few weeks after than humiliation. Your mistake was in reappearing.