Sunday, March 9, 2014

Could be Hard to Tell.

American News reports a scam where a pair of dodgy bastards have been caught marketing counterfiet  copies of common health and beauty products in supermarkets, including such common articles as "chapstick" lip balm.

First thought was why would you but a million units at 10c clear profit, soon its real money.

How to pick 'cheap replacements' advice was offered including checking packaging in a similar way one might check if a $50 note is good.

Now one of the most annoying things in shopping for grocery is the complete revamp of a well known and oft purchased product only to find after wasted time and a trip to the help desk it was there, hiding in clear view all the time, only some young gun marketing guru has given the product a "new image".
My latest, the new compact 100gm Nestles Classic Instant coffee, about the volume of two match boxes it is the same content as the 120mm x 40mm packet in use for ever.
Got out the reading glasses and read the small print and heavens to betsy it contained the same 100g, didn't check the price but it is a dead certainty it wont be less'.

When should I start to consider it may not be what I thought, it just might be counterfeit.

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