Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Convicted of fraudulently enjoying union funds paid by Australias lowest paid workers, for sex, food, booze, and entertainment, ex federal MP, who propped up the Gillard ALP government from the cross benches, New Zealand born Craig Robert Thomson faces sentence next week in the Melbourne magistrates court and has been advised to bring his jamies and toothbrush.

His brief has claimed he is mentally fragile and should not be sent to the big house where Bubba is waiting to discuss his predilection for sensual enjoyment.

He is a Piece of shit and his whole life has been about Craig.

A commenter on Michael Smith News, Rooster, suggested he be deported back to NZ when Bubba is finished with him.
I replied no problem just do a backload with the co leader of our greens to Queensland before he does serious damage here. A sort of pre-emptive move so to speak. What is one more corrupt union scumbag when we get shot of the commy wetback.
Win win really.

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