Monday, March 3, 2014

An Open Letter to GoD, aka Greenie of the day.

Dear Ms Mathers,

Explaining is conceding defeat.

Whether you were selected by some with an agenda of using your hearing loss is moot but a minor party that never resiles from listing people then using their traits of ethnicity, background or in your case, clearly demonstrated hearing loss, as selling points for the whole, is no basis for excessive use of taxpayer dollars.
This is not a beatup on you because of that disability.
Good on you for what you have achieved, but spare me the rubbish point scoring that a significant hearing loss precludes any scrutiny of a rather expensive use of the system to go to Masterton, sheesh it was our rural service center for over 20 years, to talk to the listener of a whacky little wireless.

It has been claimed that skype is not suitable, who answers your home telephone?
We talk to daughter in Canberra, ACT over the ditch using face time on swmbo's Ipad and it is as if she is sitting across the table here at our whare in paradise.

We  get increasingly frustrated and annoyed with the sense of entitleitus that politicians and bureaucrats slip into as a cloak of extravagance and your deafness does not rate any exemption, sorry about that. I have serious loss of function and consequent degradation of my left hand but my right works just fine, ironic I know.
I picked on Horomia not because he was fat but because he was a member and supporter of NZLP in a race based seat and a party to spending OPMS with gay abandon.
I have nothing but revulsion for Len brown, not because he is a serial trougher, economical with the truth,  with the morals of a tomcat, or even because he is a socialist it is because he never accepts what nearly everyone who does not depend on him for employment considers him to be, totally unfit to be numero uno citizen of our largest city.
David Cunliffe is another whom I have zero respect for, not because he leads a minor socialist party, but because he is a duplitious  persona who regularly exhibits total disregard for the mores of honesty integrity and responsibility I aspire to.

So Ms Mathers your offence was not entirely that you thought the mantras and philosophies of your little preachy, holier that thou pressure group, erroneously classed as a political party, consider your ill-advised trip to a small provincial wart on the counties backside, or that you got found out, it was the arrogant assumption that as a list MP you continue to live in Christchurch and enjoy free,  make that taxpayer funded travel to anywhere you choose for whatever reason and that you ignored every bit of technological advance to give the finger to the rest of us.
How many of the long arduous hours you claim to be representing us do you spend traveling when a flat within a walk of your chosen place of work,  what the rest of the plebs in this country put up with every day would be the most cost effective solution. As a bonus it would fit with the philosophy of the Melon Party, you know the planet and all.

Hypocrisy is a serious and growing advent of modern life and all should take steps to reduce its incidence, none more so than those who make their life around restricting, controlling and  berating the rest of us who fund our little foibles from the wee bit of coin we manage to keep from the grasping we know best minions in the big house.

So in closing best wishes, the late Sir Kieth Holyoake's famous words are appropriate, breathe through your nose for a bit.
btw if you have read this I would be interested on your take on an earlier post on Ngai Tahu's reckless disregard for our planet.

Regards Gravedodger.


Judge Holden said...
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gravedodger said...

And you can fuck off whining diff.
I have better weapons to shoot messengers than you have,