Monday, March 10, 2014


While the tragedy of MH370 is fresh on our minds here's some useless information regarding aircraft safety.

Were the airlines to introduce rear facing seating it is assessed that a passengers chance of a making it out of a survivable crash is increased by approximately 50%.    I say useless information because it won't happen anytime soon.   Studies have shown the concept is impossible to 'sell' to passengers.   They want to face forward.

Many of the tactical military transport aircraft I have flown in had rearward facing seating with the notable exception of the C130 where the web seating had you in rows of 30+ facing sideways.

So, next time you see your 'trolly dolly' strap herself into a rearwards facing bulkhead seat you now know the reason why.


Noel said...

C130's palletised seating for senior officers and their wives on their overseas junkets always faced to the rear. Probably so they didn't have see the evils on the faces of the troopies because the Loadmaster has instructed them not to use the toilet whilst his promotion prospects were aboard.

Anonymous said...

I can remember flying around Europe forty years ago in medium-sized aircraft which had a couple of rows of rear-facing seats at the back of the cabin. Can't remember what sort of aircraft - a DC something?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... smile.