Monday, March 3, 2014


Stuff has a headline,  Hubby's raise made us $150/wk poorer.

In the article Mrs Bludger claims;

"My husband received a pay rise at the beginning of this year. We should be jumping for joy as this is something that is hard to come by, but instead of jumping for joy, I was rejigging budgets and making cuts to spending. With this pay increase we moved over the threshold for the daycare subsidy, and  the before and after school programme subsidies, and were instantly $150 a week poorer. There goes the payrise and some."

A couple of matters not covered here.

Was this whinger actually "entitled" to all the money she "lost".
What was Mr Bludger's Pay rise, all we are told it was a figure somewhat less than the $150 pw.

One massive problem when welfare is expanded, is the ability to tailor all the often conflicting data that requires processing to arrive at the equitable level the intentions  the maze of interconnected entitlements involved, attempted to address.

You see Mrs Bludger you should feel a bit of gratitude that all the Mr and Mrs Net Taxpayers out there in struggle street, were so freakin generous, as you possibly missed the very pertinent fact that they might be missing the odd luxury to pay the taxes you are now missing out on, churned into your "entitlement" welfare.

Nothing in this life will be seen by all as "FAIR".
Spare a thought for Mr and Mrs Childless down the road, they may not be accessing all that luverly dosh successive snake oil salesmen have dished out as a pure bribe to get you and Mr Bludger to vote for the charlatan promising a bigger Turkey next Christmas, and the IRD wont care a tinker's cuss when they take their hard earned money that may well be a whole lot less than your Mr Bludger is paid before or after "his pay rise".

Never mind, when that nice Mr Cunliffe and his green melon mate get the state check book it wont happen again as they think welfare should be available up to $150 000 a year.
Then again an ungrateful bint such as yourself probably thinks that is OK.

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Thankfully she cops quite a spanking in the comments.