Thursday, March 20, 2014


 The ongoing pursuit of Judith Collins has revealed zero evidence of wrong doing but has generated considerable opportunity to smear and distract.

My take was it was the only game in town with the rest of the soundbites very unhelpful to the opposition.

Slater at Whaleoil may have the true reason.

Over recent years successive governments have handed considerable sums of money to Unions, ostensibly to enable programs to improve such nefarious things as can come under Health and Safety training.
There has been little scrutiny of where such money ended up and a growing number of the cynical among us suspected it was recycled to the political wing of those unions to fund their election campaigns.
A fact that has contributed to a serious lethargy as that political arm deserted so much of the belief mode of the army that raffled, cakestalled and employed traditional financial support systems.

At present J C, no not that one, is on a legislative journey to make such a rort more difficult.
With an election looming and the NZLP pretty bereft of funds, members and donors, that funding stream has expanded in importance.
So what better way to keep the money coming in than to disrupt Ms Collins threats to it by having her stood down or sacked.

Very plausible.


Watcher said...

Oh so the media is been manipulated and it's really a conspiracy?
Rubbish it's just your usual reporting in an election year.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Collins went to China because being a NZ Cabinet Minister, it was considered good optics by the directors (which includes her husband) in order to sway a Chinese border official to re-establish a gateway for Oravida's products into China.

Quite simple really. Oravida's founder Stone Shi was just calling in a favour in light of the $56k donation he gave to National.

Crony capitalism and fattening each-others wallets . . . that's the National Party way.

gravedodger said...

@GoG, and bears absolutely no resemblance to any connections to union funding of socialists throughout the free (for now) world without reference to the political aspirations of those forced to contribute.

Or any resemblance to funding from a Chinese national with multiple passports, an interpol notice active, who just happened to get citizenship awarded, fast tracked and delivered in an unprecedented solo function in the Parliament precinct.

I am certain if Oriveda had any suspicion that Cunliffes old folks home and sheltered workshop had a half chance of success,they might well offer similar support to them.

Psycho Milt said...

In other words, you're still mystified as to why the cabinet manual proscribes ministerial product endorsements and requires ministers to avoid or declare conflicts of interest. There are ways of familiarising yourself with this stuff if it's that much of a mystery.

gravedodger said...

You hang in there Milt its working well so far.

Robertson still hasn't worked out that they have now lost two elections and no 3 is in 6 months.

Maybe wooden dildos is what his dear leader was dreamin about.

Btw where was boss Fields interpretation on the Cabinet Manual when dear old H1 was so in need of his rotting vote.

Chinese morals, protocols, and procedures would be better grasped by Judith Collins than all the pinhead dancers on labours front bench.

It might work, recent poll analysis indicates not but keep it up.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh, Chinese business practice is extremely well grasped by Judith Collins, in fact she's a natural. Problem is, most of us don't want Chinese business practices being normalised by Ministers of the Crown.

On the plus side, at least you recognise that an appropriate point of comparison for this incident is the one involving Philip Field's excellent grasp of PI morals, protocols and procedures. I doubt Collins is as dumb as Field and won't end up in jail, but between her, Amy Adams, Hekia Parata, Richard Worth, Pansy Wong and Nick Smith, this government's built an impressive cadre of Taito-quality ministers.

Edward the Confessor said...

It's telling I think, Gravedodger, that your response to crony capitalism and corruption when practiced by the right isn't condemnation or even embarrassed silence, but full-throated endorsement. Shows us all the meagre extent of your ethical principles and your willingness to get played for a sucker.

Anonymous said...


Edward and co any thinking New Zealander would understand that a Minister helping a New Zealand company export product , by the simple expedient of being photographed, would be a good thing.

Only the uneducated ,angry left, could see something wrong with this.

I never cease to be amazed that there are people out there such as Edward and the phsyco guy who don't see that we need companies to make money to pay the taxes that provide the benefits that allow them to avoid work

Edward the Confessor said...

Actually, it's only non-thinking confused tories who hold the view that whatever's good for Judith Collins' personal fortune is automatically good for the country, regardless of how she goes about getting it.

It's really odd to see you all furiously cheering crony capitalism and corrupt behaviour, but I guess it's not surprising. It's not about morals or principles is it, ladies? They're for losers.

Unknown said...

FFS , the left always think it is someone else fault don't they ? Crony capitalism ? beats the crap out of taxpayer funded (involuntary) union rip offs for teachers union et al
Psycho Milt and his ilk still fail to realise that a clever man can be honest and you dont have to be stupid to vote Labour even though it appears to be mandatory

Edward the Confessor said...

Gee Frank, could you be a little bit more incoherent please? Are you trying to defend Collins' actions in endorsing a company her husband is a director of while on an official visit to China paid for by the taxpayer and then trying to keep it secret? It's extremely hard to tell from your wee rant.