Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Na not Grants bestist mate, I just thought of the song and Cilla Black, no idea why

Many are expressing outrage at the antics of Shane Taurima at TVNZ.

WTF has the guy done wrong, the state owned TV channel has been a front and publicity arm for the NZLP since for ever..

David Exell, Simon Walker, Barrie Soper, Duncan Garner, Brian Edwards and his missus, Pam Corkory, Kris Fafoi,  The late Sir Paul Holmes, where did Shane move beyond the culture those icons of broadcasting exhibited and those still active, continue.

Sure he might have used a room for a meeting, so what, who knew, who cares.

The bit that rankles is the facade of neutrality the corporation likes the sheeple to believe and accept.

When however, the ardent committed socialist Bryan Bruce has a very biased and socialist friendly doco on the total bollocks of 21st century "poverty" with no balance or opportunity for an opposing view,  transmitted in a primetime slot on TVOne in the leadup to the last election and  management and governance see no bias or conflict of interest, why then should Taurima see anything wrong in his actions.
Hell management allowed him to virtually take leave for a tilt at Horomia's seat then just step back to his old job with indecent haste when the NZLP chose Meka Whaitiri instead.

TV One is joined at the hip to the NZLP and that is why Taurima is just one more in a long list to use the place as a training and recruitment opportunity. Adding finance planning and policy development might be seen as an expansion but dont blame the Maori. Cunliffe, and the senior derilects who are paid to run the place are the problem.
Gutless National Ministers also seeing nothing amiss are far more culpable than Poor old Shane.

Best solution, just sell the bloody thing, then I can be certain I am not being asked to fund the bastards while they oppose almost everything I stand for Politically.

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