Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Very very sad and Entirely Unecessary.

Last night on Sky News 10pm nz summer time, a scheduled regular Wednesday Hour featuring resident lefty Graeme 'Richo' Richardson and radio jock Alan Jones, Wallaby coach in a previous life, had a harrowing expose on the Bush and its current Drought that has been running over parts of all mainland States for 18 months and continuing.

5000 cattle are dying every day, a grazier/farmer is taking their own life every 4 days, one grazier attempted to sell his last 500 sheep only to be told they were valueless and a sale impossible. He took them back home killed them then took his own life.

Australia is regarded by many, far too many, as too marginal for farming over most of the mainland.
A few salient facts;
Australia currently employs only 6% of the water that reaches the sea.
Immeasurable giga liters are allowed to flow into the Timor  and Coral Seas.
Much water flows from the great divide East while the Bush lies parched to the west.
The town of Cloncurry near Mt Isa was threatened with evacuation until a few weeks respite came in rain that did not solve the problem long term. More galling the nearby mine needs no permit to take the water it needs and contributes nothing to providing supply, I understand the Mine has a prior right to dwindling supplies.
No one will find the cajones to make any moves to find answers yet gazillions are spent to save vehicles a couple of minutes getting around Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and billions will be found for Badgery Creek Airport so more Sydney people can sleep without aircraft noise.

Storage, diversion, and conservation are solutions but beyond the resources of those who live in 'The Bush".

Bob Katter is not everyones politician, his electorate covers an area larger than Victoria and around one third of Queensland, as an independent he is a lone voice for the farmers and is rightly deeply hurt when he has watched millions being poured into keeping a dying motor vehicle industry on life support since the second world war yet the last dam was constructed to aid rural Australia c 1952.

A very sobering hour and today it is only three days until the next bush dweller takes his own life, and sadly Charlotte Dawson has the headlines over avoidable twitter abuse, apparently


Anonymous said...

If only bludgers kill 'emselves at the same rate farmers do! It's called self-respect, I guess. Farmers have it; bludgers don't.

(A sentiment no doubt that would get a commentator banned from whale oil)

Lindsay Mitchell said...

You are indeed an utter wanker Anonymous.

How self-satisfying it must be to live in a world where human or animal life is expendable for the sake of purist libertarian cure-all philosophy. Reminds me of other ideologies.

Gravedodger, Thanks for highlighting this. Some further info:

gravedodger said...

Ta Lindsay.

Will leave that brave demented soul's comment there, wonder who it votes for.
Probably cant find its way to the booth, here's hoping anyway.