Saturday, February 22, 2014


I have been active in the Real Estate Industry as a salesman and also held a licence in a previous life.

IMHO there are very few assetts that could be regarded as never for sale, the only matters preventing such an outcome are price and timing.

I have a good mate who had absolutely zero interest in selling his farm until a determined buyer turned up with more money than sense and to avoid two fools being present, mate sold the farm.
Three years later after some sour business matters and a minor matrimonial matter entered the equation, mate repurchased said property at a bargain price and still lives there today with extended family and a very  healthy current account.

So it is very likely the demented little bastard may be proved correct just as a stopped clock will be right twice every 24 hours, but it would appear the two matters above have not as yet aligned and the poor little man  has a serious credibility issue, however that is hardly foreign territory for that shameless little xenophobe.
Sadly many of his intellectually challenged followers will have turned off their hearing aids before the true facts emerged.
Last nights One News effort made very sure that happened.

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