Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"The Guy's an Idiot!"

That is grossly unfair to all the useful idiots walking our streets.

He is actually a megalomaniac masquerading as an alternative Prime Minister.

Cunliffe is a walking disaster with minimal comprehension as to his role, his position and his actual function.

Cunliffe's badly chosen, undiplomatic and potentially harmful to himself and his country words, were right up there with Wee Willy Shorten's verbal spray to Abbott giving diplomatic advice on dealing with Indonesia.
Maybe a presser expressing a lack of effect on Key's return, as a comment.

However the Aus policy is;
Australian internal policy,
Is a policy agreed to by a Government Yeah Nah was a senior member of to sign off on a change,
Is a very workable and flexible protocol for thousands of Kiwis wishing to avail themselves of almost unlimited travel and work,
Allows any Kiwi who wants to, to return to NZ and apply for admittance as a potential citizen,
Is a very necessary filter to thwart admission to Abbott's country by those gaining a status here with our far too soft admission laws that are effectively an "open back door".
Is already  under enough strain with boat people and other refugees settling in enclaves in their major cities.

It is Australia's internal politics stupid.

I thought when Helen Clark called Campbell a "sanctimonious little creep" she was being equally honest in her choice of words.

Good on Mr Prime Minister for accuracy and brevity even if a bit unfair to some.


Anonymous said...

Look at from OZ, NZ is a land of losers & bludgers. You can see why their benefit policy for Kiwis makes sense!

NZ should follow their lead and end benefits for bludgers & losers in NZ - dole, DPB, super, WFF, and all the rest!

The Veteran said...

Anon ... methinks you shoot your case in the foot with your use of hyperbole.

Are you really serious that with unemployment at 6% (albeit falling) you would advocate the complete abolition of the dole?

Where to then for those who want to work but are without a job.

Perhaps you ascribe to the philosophy of 'Qu'ils mangent de la brioche' (wrongly ascribed to

In any civilised society there has to be a safety net to help those in genuine need.

By all means vent your spleen against WFF and the DPB (although those numbers are dropping too with the welfare reforms).

You should be aware that the welfare reforms also tighten up the rules over entitlement to 'the dole' (opposed completely by the Left side of the political divide).

That leaves NZ Super and while I agree there is a case for winding back the age of entitlement and perhaps even a degree of means testing that cannot happen overnight and should not happen until saving for retirement becomes compulsory.