Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shouldn't be F**king Needed!

Going around the traps yesterday was a el cheapo video from the State Services Commission for all public services employees on remaining neutral in Election Year.

Yeah I understand I am regarded as out of touch and call me old fashioned but I believe any political beliefs entering the performance of the bureaucracy at work must degrade that performance.
At best it will detract from delivery of performance and at worst it will destroy the object of the intended purpose.

Any PS who cannot get their head around that principle should be gone in minutes, no ifs, no buts and no maybes.

What bit about "PUBLIC SERVICE" do twats that indulge miss.
If they cant leave their political leanings at home then don't go to that job, find one where it is required or at least tolerated.

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Watcher said...

It's most dangerous when they leave the public service and acquire positions negotiating on behalf of others.

How much their political leanings have interfered with more successful outcomes is never investigated by the media.