Monday, February 17, 2014

Poison - By Any Name

Zyklon B

Cyanide gas, used by the Nazis to kill off millions of Jews during World War II.
The Jews thought they were going for a shower

Zyklon D  (for Dotcom)

The modern day electoral version, used by a fat Kraut to kill off dozens of Kiwi politicians.
Labour and the Greens think they are going for a friendly chat.


Watcher said...

Yah forgot that Banks fella.

Noel said...

"Cyanide gas"
Geez get your caption right.

The picture is of oleoresin capsicum spray. The spelling Zyklone should have been the tell.

Do you get anything right Adolf?

Noel said...

Now that's more accurate.

Rick Rowling said...

He's a Tar Baby.

Everyone who touches him gets dirty, and more contact just means more mess.