Monday, February 24, 2014


No, you won't be hearing this anytime soon (unless of course the next poll has Labour support starting with a 2).

It would be easy to put the boot in given the results of the Fairfax, Morgan (the poll all Labourites swear by) and TV1 polls, but I won't.   It's not in the Tory psyche to kick a dog when its down and I can only feel for the 'true believers' (with the exception of the likes of Mr Holden).   Been there, done that back in 2002.  

So, in the spirit of constructive comment, can I commend the following to that 'nice' Mr Cunliffe ....

*   Stop apologising for living in a mansion.    You and Mrs C earned the dosh to pay for it.    Well done, learn to welcome and celebrate success.

*   Forget about your obsession with trying to upstage John Key.   He makes his own running.    Stupid comments like when you said you could drink him under the table are just that.   You demean yourself with such talk.

*   And in that respect don't over-egg your achievements.    You have sound academic credentials and were a reasonably competent Minister.   Focus on that that rather than pretend you were the driving force behind the establishment of Fonterra or that you were somehow God's Gift to the Auckland City Mission.

*   Instruct your poodle MPs to cease cuddling up to crimdotcom.     You've seen what happened to Norman and the Greens over their dalliance with the Big guy.    Look and learn.

*   Look across the ditch to where the ALP in Tasmania has cut their ties with the Greens.   A Labour/Greens combination scares the bejesus out of many centre voters.   You can afford to cut the Greens loose.   They can't go anywhere and, when push comes to shove, they will always back you with Confidence & Supply.     Instead, forge an electoral alliance with NZ First and the Maori Party and, in doing so, offer Winston the Speakership.   Recognise he would enjoy putting the parliamentary screws on National especially given that in the event of you forming a government they would likely remain the largest single Party in the House..   As for the Maori Party, work on the acknowledged fact that their constituency would prefer they went with Labour.

*   Rule out Hone as Key did with Peters in 2008 and 2011.

*   Don't be spooked by the commentators calling for Goff, Mallard and King to be dumped.    They have a wealth of ministerial experience to fall back on.    Focus instead on your non-performing MPs ... Adern, Dyson, Little, Moroney, Prasad and Street and, while you're at it, promote Damien O'Connor.   He stands head and shoulders over the hangers-on as one of your very few 'good guys'.

*  Treat private enterprise as a friend and not the enemy.   Private enterprise creates wealth.  The Government doesn't create wealth.   It's job is to provide an environment where private enterprise can flourish.  

*  Trash 'rick pricks' at your peril.   Most people want to be one.

*   Somehow bury your arrogant persona.

Not that you and yours will take the faintest notice of any of this.    I see a certain similarity between the disbelieving commentators from the Left on recent poll results and the aircraft pilot flying IFR who refuses to believe his instruments preferring to trust what his inner ear tells him ... and ends up going down, upside down, at a great and ever increasing rate of knots.


Psycho Milt said...

Instruct your poodle MPs to cease cuddling up to crimdotcom.

And Cameron Slater. Oh wait, that was the other guy, Key...

The Government doesn't create wealth.

The various governments that built the country's infrastructure would no doubt be astonished to hear this.

Somehow bury your arrogant persona.

Key's hasn't caused him any problems, so this one's probably unnecessary.

The Veteran said...

PM ... so you agree with the other 7.

7/10 ... not bad for an olde school Leftie.

Cameron S. will be delighted/horrified to learn that you consider him to be an MP.

Yep, infrastructure is important but and that's what I meant when I said that the job of Government is to provide an environment where private enterprise can flourish. In that context good infrastructure is a means to an end while flourishing private enterprise is an end in itself. This Government has invested a huge amount into building and rebuilding infrastructure.

As to Key being arrogant and I disagree. But even if it were true you would have to describe him as 'folksy arrogant'. Cunliffe, by any measure is smarmy arrogant. Know which I would prefer.