Saturday, February 15, 2014

Maybe That Is Why?

We enjoy the standard of living we do, well one example anyway.

At present Abbott's Government in Canberra is wrestling with corporate welfare bludging and massive deficits that have led  Treasurer Joe Hockey to make decisions, that although deemed necessary by many, are causing a cacophony of protest even from his Liberal Party MPs.

Car making in The Lucky Country is finally being forced to face the inevitable.
A very small local market, zero export interest other than New Zealand's even smaller market, resulting in Mitsubishi first, then Ford, followed by GM Holden and last week Toyota either ending or signalling the end of car making in Australia.
Despite massive subsidies it is still a loss making enterprise and Hockey has said no more money from the Federal Government.

Another corporate bludger was SPC Ardoma, a canning and produce company now owned by Coca Cola Amatil, has its begging bowl out and Hockey told them the same answer, however The Victorian Premier facing an election later this year has rolled over to hand OPMs to Coca Cola.

Now as an aside to all this, the duopoly supermarket thugs, Coles and Woolworths, have instigated a "buy Australia" policy and are refusing to stock New Zealand produce, particularly as "Home brands". 
Now of course this will not be of any benefit to the shoppers other than a few brainwashed suckers who see the whole charade maybe saving a few jobs, that survive only with corporate welfare.

I eat porridge made with rolled oats almost every morning, mainly because it has been so since the dawn of my memories. Earliest memory was "Thistle Oatmeal" purchased in linen sacks containing 25 lbs.

That dietary fact caused major trauma in the young dodger as all his rich mates had "Creamoata", a tm registered oatmeal, recommended by "Sgt Dan the Creamoata man", eaten from from a branded plate. One of my earliest memories of our personal "poverty".
As dodger's family crawled out of that poverty, a landmark in the progress came in the form of graduating to "Rolled Oats". Unknown at the time, all three products came from a factory in Gore, in heartland Southland, founded in the 19th century.

In the early 21st century the "Flemings Brand", including Thistle and Creamoata but not Sgt Dan, ended up with Nestle via Goodman Fielders and the Gore Factory was closed, much of the machinery was gutted and removed to prevent it being used to form competition product and the shell left as a monument to what those Aussies are now complaining about, change and progress.

I can still enjoy my porridge but it is from over the ditch and Uncle Toby claims to be the supplier.

We enjoy a massive range of affordable products from food, vehicles, electronics, travel and services because the market delivers.
It is not from corporate welfare but market success, who will tell those whinging Aussies the facts of  life in the world of commercial reality.

Is that why we no longer see a Blacksmith Shop in every little rural town, hell there are not even gas stations or vehicle dealerships either,  fortunate indeed to find a "ON The Spot" shop the lowest ranking franchise of Foodstuffs.
As for Progressive they barely venture out of major towns, but then they are hard nosed Aussies, aren't they. 

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Anonymous said...

The Flemings Mill in Gore still stands, complete with Sgt Dan, these days the major product from there is Stock Feed, ground on site.