Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maybe about right?

Yesterday Minister Simon Bridges announced the decision following the annual review of the Adult minimum wage, at $14.25 an hour.

Two groups of the commentariat immediately attacked.
Those who call National  Labour lite and those who call for Labour to move towards National lite each used the announcement as grounds to shill and they were accompanied in opposition by the unions.

Since 1935 when Labour finally reached the Treasury benches with a flagship policy of universal welfare, the NZ electorate has been a participant in expanding the Savage safety net into a massive entitlement regime that erodes dignity, a work ethic, personal responsibility and motivation, while doubling as a very convenient tool in electioneering practice.

Only one Politician in the intervening 79 years has been bold enough to challenge that disastrous state intervention in the NZ market.
Ruth Richardson who now makes a reasonable lifestyle traveling the world as a consultant, but who, here in provincial small minded NZ is treated little better than Margaret Thatcher  is/was in the UK. Hell even her leader, farmer "Spud" Bolger,  who incidentally has not done so badly troughing in the socialist based economy, couldn't find his cojones and sacked her.

What started out as a badly needed safety net to soften the blows, the adverse economic conditions The Great Depression delivered, and that was genuine devastating poverty, as opposed to the very comfortable marginal deprivations socialists bang on about today. 
No work, No shelter, No food, and No hope were real and had no way of escape. Unemployment reaching levels approaching 30% in a predominantly manual labour workforce.

Today any Government wanting to reverse the excesses and entitlements that welfare delivers would be lucky to see out a current term, so entrenched in the collective psyche of far too many voters welfare has become.
That is why I, who would support a drastic reduction in welfare, accept the nibbling approach to welfare reform Key and Bennett have followed. I also accept such wholesale attacks will only embolden the craven socialists, who just as Muldoon did, will not resile from using welfare as a bribe and a ligature to gain/hold/regain electoral success.

The minimum adult wage does partially prevent exploitation of fit healthy able workers but the downside, every such intervention always has one, is it reduces employment opportunities for the disabled, those with medical conditions, and those who are seeking casual and or part time work on an ad hoc basis.

On balance though with the current crying in the wilderness it could be said to have found a level a majority can live with and that is about all any government can ever hope for.

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Anonymous said...

$0 is about right as a minimum wage. We want employment and no one is forced into a job.

The figure represents a myth and simply points out how identical the red and blue parties are.