Sunday, February 23, 2014

Have the Voters finally worked the Green melons out?

Following on from Roy Morgan and Fairfax Ipsos that had no good news for the left, tonights Colmar Brunton was even worse.

The Messiah has dropped to ten percent, a result even 'snapper' Shearer failed to reach but his NZLP held steady at 34% so the dirks go back into the hose for a bit longer.

The outcome as delivered that will have the socialists tactical office checking the track to the toilets is clear, will be the 40% drop for the Melons. Another of those and they drop below the 5% required to retain their passes to the big house.

Winny also took a 25% drop, enough to end his xenophobic raving about sales to oriental gentlemen.

Rational thought, after discounting all the usual crap about cell phones, who is on holiday, rouge or rogue polls, it  seems entirely likely the NZLP has made progress in cannibalising the melons support but an equal number contemporaneously departed with their support preference to Keys mob.
 Maybe they are being seen for the flakes they actually are and although the caring souls among those who actually wear a green cloak for the environment are being seperated from the hard left who have migrated back to Labour taking GP support back to  around the 6% who form the base environmental lobby.

As for the rest they are all struggling to defeat the margin of error and electorate seats will define their prospects.

Eight months out from the probable election date it is not of great import but for a cool wet Sunday night it does create a warm feeling that the voters in that poll seem to, on the face of it, worked Norman and Tuatara out as the trash they are. 
And that is not even what a pressure group should be, let alone a potential partner in government


thor42 said...

Good post - hopefully you are right!

It's *about time* that the Greens' support plunged towards oblivion. I hope it's permanent.

Shane Ponting said...

Steady as she goes, still quite early days - I'd get more excited about the green's drop in support if we had passed the mid year mark.