Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hastings District Council - Are The Rumours True?

Readers will be aware of the tragic situation which occurred in mid 2013 where a four year old boy ran under a council parks mower in a Hastings Park and was killed. A court case starts in Hastings tomorrow and the council employee who was drving the tractor will be in the dock. Rumour is rife in Hastings that council management are now distancing themselves from their tractor driver who is facing reckless driving causing death or similar charges which could result in up to 10 years in jail. Obviously this matter is sub judice so I am not able to make comment on the case. However I am appalled if the rumours about council management are remotely correct and I can say that my latest source re the rumours is well placed to know what council management are thinking. I guess that self preservation and saving their arses are paramount - thank goodness they are not my employers. Disclosure: mrspdm and I have known the tractor driver and his wife for about 45 years - they are good friends and of impeccable integrity. They are also distraught and the present situation is tearing them apart.


Psycho Milt said...

You do have to wonder what the point of prosecuting this poor sod is supposed to be. I imagine the sight he encountered under his mower was harder to live with than anything the state can inflict on him for what was essentially an accident.

As for his bosses - well, that's why you should always join the union.

Watcher said...

>"...council employee who was drving the tractor..."

Gee they continue to employ there own drivers down there.

Up here everything is contracted out.

Was a time when farmers made a little extra money mowing the road verges.

Just him an his tractor.

Now its a lead vehicle with lighted arrow, a passenger with cones then the tractor an then another lighted arrow vehicle.

Ratepayers must have saved millions since the change.

Anonymous said...

The point of prosecuting is that today someone must be blamed and punished. Janet Wilson on the radio is a master of this. It need not be the person responsible and as we have seen in the Pike River disaster any hint that the men that died may have done some stuff they shouldn't have cannot see the light of day. Without punishment of someone, anyone (except those who suffered and therefore cannot be blamed) people can't have closure. Its a sign of the times.

The awful alternative is what happens in "the Railway Man".


Nick K said...

Reckless driving is more sinister than just dangerous driving. It is basically dangerous with intent (i.e. deliberate). There must be something more to this if the charge is Reckless Driving, otherwise it would be careless or at worst dangerous.

I suggest that's probably why there is a prosecution: There's more to this than just an "accident".

pdm said...

Nick - I am unsure of the exact charge but we will know early Wednesday.

There is more to this and I will have a post on it once the case is over if it doesn't all come out in the court case.

Graeme Edgeler said...

The maximum penalties for reckless driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death are the same.