Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy Birthday My beloved Nation.

So much to celebrate as we pass the 174th anniversary of the day that many consider the Nation of New Zealand was formed.

From scattered settlements of mostly men from the other side of the world moving to establish activities that they could profit from in a couple of smallish islands occupied by groups of warring tribes who had themselves settled here from Islands to the north and then proceeded to make war on each other to capture slaves and possibly enlarge territory they could exploit, the British arranged a treaty to formalise domination and British rule over all who lived here.

Many of my antecedents came soon  after that pacification and adoption of authority was signed, from appalling deprivation on the North Coast of Scotland where they had been forced to seek refuge from the "Highland Clearances".
Another having gained a trade as a ships carpenter on the Clyde up sticks and arrived in NZ via Australia from where he added a bride to his chattels. She is still a little mysterious and I wonder if the dearth of info on her getting to Melbourne may have emerged from her forebears being among those selected by Judges in England.
Some of the scottish/celtic blood included some French as a result of the cross channel co-operation with their support for the Stuarts.
In short they all settled here after an often arduous and unpleasant journey by boat, quite similar to Maori really.
Every one of my antecedents I have information on, came here to make a better life and miraculously nearly all have achieved success.
I have no relations on any form of welfare other than the OAP, all have good jobs, and none are currently or have ever been in gaol afaik.

When the TOW was negotiated and signed in 1840, what are now referred to as Maori as if they are a discernible bloc, were just many tribes with common ancestry but each a  fiefdom willing when able to slaughter another tribes warriors, enslave any surviving women and children and add the resources captured to their unrecorded domain until a stronger, more cunning or just plain lucky SOB came by and repeated the destructive behaviour.

As a child the depredations inflicted on Kaiapoi Maori by Te Rauparaha from the North Island were still stories of legend from my ancestors as in the sacking of the Kaiapoia Pa between Waikuku and Woodend where Pegasus Town grows today and the rather unfortunate failure of Akaroa Maori to seek sanctuary on Onawe Peninsula.
At that time Many Maori saw correctly, the security and certainty the treaty brought, backed by the British rule of law, justice and accompanying protection, for their way of life.

Now that "Treaty" one of many negotiated and signed by several nations during the 19th century,Wikipedia lists over 400, is one among very few with any recognition or effect today.
Such documents recorded  a face saving method of concluding troublesome historical events to bring closure and settlement so the parties could move on.
Some, such as the Treaty of Paris 1812 to bring and end to Napoleon's escapades with his Grande Armee ending in military disaster  at the gates of Moscow, failed spectacularly, to be replaced with the next ToP in 1814 when the little General was consigned a bit more distant on St Helena in the South Atlantic after Wellesley had wrecked his resurgence at Waterloo.

I havn't taken the time to read through them all, there is an international cricket test on you understand, but from memory the ToW is one of very few still being reinterpreted today.
That is because successive do gooders have seen political advantage in keeping it all going in one of our biggest industries today, the ToW grievance industry
Many things that were as yet undiscovered in 1840 have been added to what was "INTENDED".
Radio spectrum, Minerals, Television, Welfare, Seats in the Parliament and local authorities awarded simply because some feel they are different and privileged, among them.

The Tow Grievance industry is funded by taxpayers of the present, hands out billions of dosh, on whimsical "oral history" and in yet another slap for those Taxpayers paying guilt money on behalf of "The Crown", the recipients of the largess pay no tax because they are a freakin "CHARITY".

For many years here in this beautiful land, many protested race based practice in governance and exploitation, here and across the world;  "the Jewish question"', Afro Americans or as then known, Niggers, British colonialism in Asia and Africa with the biggest bogy Apartheid in the Republic. yet many of those at the forefront of such protest are completely accepting of race based separatist policies here in New Zealand c2014 .

The ToW here sustains a multitude of the descendants of those who signed the treaty to nullify actions such as those of Te Rauparaha, in harmony at the trough, including even members of tribes who never even agreed or signed it.

Te Rauparaha was just the last really, in a long line of thugs who successfully slaughtered and enslaved their  way throughout the lands so it is not hard to see a few Padres and a Governor convincing signing up for law, protection and order from a government protecting weaker leaders, as a good move.

Nga Puhi use the ToW to extort welfare and degrading lifestyle while using it again and again to prevent progress of any meaningful measure for their people.

Tainui prop up their idiotic and costly King Movement and buy the odd resort, a corporate box and some flash undies

Tuhoe, who didnt even sign it have used the tribunal to gain a measure of sovereignty over the Uruwera National Park.

Te Hue Hue of Tuwharetoa gained considerable kudos by gifting much of National Park to the Nation but now the water that runs off it into the Waikato Hydro system might just have a bit of residual value, so we will get it looked into by those wise people at ToW Tribunal.

Even Ken Mair wannabe big man in Wanganui didn't hold back when he occupied public land in that town and destroyed a statue to an early political leader.

So the rubbish carried out on our Nations birthday is pretty much within  the parameters  of how the descendants of the  savages who embraced British law in 1840, see  a moving target such as the ToW.

One irony of the charade, A living document on dead tree cells stuck together by a whitey, add that to the Toanga

For me it is a great day for a celebration of 174 years of peace as a result of a document,  so me old mate many happy returns New Zealand.


Anonymous said...

Your not dead yet?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous prick, why don't you fuck off back to school and learn some grammar and syntax? Come back when you've grown up.

Watcher said...

Gee for a minute there I thought I was back at school when it was either the "Land Wars" or the "Maori Wars".
Fortunately historians have moved forward, along with the majority of the population and it's now called the New Zealand Wars.

gravedodger said...

And I wondered if it was informing me it was still alive, just brain dead.

Psycho Milt said...

...a long line of thugs who successfully slaughtered and enslaved their way throughout the lands...

Sounds more like the history of Britain...

gravedodger said...

No arguement about British and its constituent tribes behavior Milt.

Hanging drawing and quartering was a bit harsh for many.