Saturday, February 22, 2014

For Moi It is 40 months and counting.

This afternoon it is three years since the Village of The Damned, succumbed to nature's violence.

For me, that afternoon was a somewhat surreal waiting game, available, and apart from a false callout of both fire and first response to an address that in the confusion turned out to be in Sumner two hours away, our main function was providing an ad hoc information center with a portable generator, TV and the fire and ambo comms with some input from police as they passed by.

Pretty much all quiet until late in the evening when an acute medical required an evacuation to CH CH ED for a corrective procedure.
Driving through a city largely without streetlights and intersections manned by the military was a memory burnt into my mind as a series of sepia like images.

Very little additional damage was manifest in Akaroa and surrounds as most occurred four months earlier on September 4th.
Our house has been reinstated inside, completed in 94 days ending on December 4th, however we are still waiting for approved external paths, decks and land damage to be remedied.

My thought return to those the seismic event claimed as victims, both the dead and the damaged.
After the very violent event of September 4th 2010, most marvelled that deaths were zero and injured were minimal, following the more serious degradation of three years ago I still marvel that casualties were so small numerically.The building and infrastructure damage potentially could have claimed so many more.

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