Thursday, February 20, 2014

For The Benefit of Trolls - Updated

The trolls will hate this:

Failed illegal immigrants in U-turn to Malaysia

Mohd Amdan Kurish, director-general of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency, said Australia’s crackdown on boatpeople was having a dramatic impact further up the people-smuggling chain, in Malaysia.
“We have seen a number of attempts for those boats that have failed to make it to Australia re-tracking back and Malaysia is seen as the possible destination for them to retreat to,” Admiral Amdan said yesterday in Sydney.
“We have managed to intercept these people returning back from this adventure that they are trying to undertake to Australia, which they fail, and they re-track back their positions into Malaysia through the Straits of Malacca. We have seen this trend quite dramatically increasing in the Malacca Straits.”
He said the boats intercepted had been carrying asylum-seekers from the Middle East and South Asia.

Last time I wrote about boat illegal immigrants and the efforts of the Australian Coalition gummint to staunch the flow of boats, there was a rush to print by our resident trolls.  The most memorably stupid comment was along the lines of  '...but the sailing season has not yet started.'

Today's headline from the Australian seems to give he trolls a problem.

"Asylum Flow to Indonesia Slashed Says UN"

Now you know why the Indons are actively co-operating with Australia while a couple of belicose politicians make angry noises to keep the local rabble happy.

Hmmmmm.  When did it become obvious the Libs would beat Labour?

Just before the graph goes steeply downhill.

Oh, by the way it is now eight weeks since the last boat load of illegals arrived.


Edward the Confessor said...

Well, you can write Kevin Rudd a big thank you note, if that's what you're into as it's his policies which have done it. The Libs have done nothing but cut off the public's access to information and threaten broadcasters who do honest reporting.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wondered how long it would take.

Kevin Rudd announced a bullshit PNG solution to which PNG had not agreed and within two weeks the people smugglers had neutralized his scheme by shoveling into Australia an extra three thousand boat people - the max PNG would take.

Thank Kevin Rudd?

Hell, it was Rudd who created the problem in the first place.

Edward the Confessor said...

Wrong as usual. The Indonesians introduced visa requirements for Iranian nationals, the Sri Lankan navy started intercepting boats as they were leaving, the weather and the policy of resettlement outside of Australia has resulted in what you are seeing now. Abbott as done nothing other than attempt to manipulate the flow of information (and unnecessarily violating Indonesian sovereignty of course). He's clueless.

Watcher said...

"Sri Lankan navy started intercepting boats as they were leaving."

I guess we should thank our cousins across the ditch for the provision of patrol boats to Sri Lanka.

One of those boats was destined to New Zealand

Noel said...

" bullshit PNG solution'

It was certainly that and there has been a lot of bullshit statements around the current unrest at Manus"

The Minister claims "no G4S personnel were involved."

Ahhh but does that include the local PNG personnel that the agreement required them to enlist?

Fudging is prominent at Manus.

Angry Tory said...

Nothing like frying' a few bludgers on electric fences, and gunning down a few more when they try to leave the concentration camp

to send the message that bludgers are not at all welcome!

Now if only NZ (and Oz for that matter) could dump all their bludgers at Manus - not just those bludgers coming over the sea - then things would be fixed.