Sunday, February 23, 2014


Today at Lloyd Elsmore Park the Howick Lions Club are having a fun day with free parking and free admission and it don't come as better value than that.

One person has been "unfriended" and asked to find somewhere else to go today but will he listen?

The widely despised, discredited and now viewed as toxic holder of the office as Mayor of the Super City, Len 'Pants Down' Brown, who in previous years was a guest, has this year been requested to stay away and Auckland Councillor, athletics legend, Sir John Walker is the Guest of honor.

Good luck with that fellow Lions, the man who is claimed to have a narcissistic personality disorder, turned up to the launch of the Auckland Nines last weekend only to have that less than auspicious appearance accompanied by booing and duck calling that the organisers of todays event wish to avoid.

The only people who still support Brown seem to be the man himself, his army of paid supporters who depend on the mendacious little bastard for their current job and a handful of thickos who would not recognise an embarrassment if it stepped up and "Brown eyed them" in broad daylight.

Kerre McIvor has an opinion piece in the Herald centered on Brown's refusal to be interviewed by the Mike Hosking breakfast show on Newstalk ZB, turning down ten requests since Cameron Slater exposed the extracurricular efforts of the odious little man with a sometime employee of his council, Bevan Chuang.
"But anywhere he fears there might be a challenge he steers clear. NewsTalk ZB is the No1 rating station and it is unprofessional of the mayor to hide from such a huge audience.
It's also extremely unprofessional to shag an underling in the Ngati Whatua room, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised."

Not sure why Kerre is being so reticent.

Have a great  day fellow Lions and to Mr Brown, could I respectfully suggest you just enjoy a few minutes in your office and stay the hell away as requested.


Anonymous said...

We've also made a note of the names of the mendacious little bastard's supporters.

Mrs Danvers

Edward the Confessor said...

Wow, that's a vicious threat, Mrs Danvers. Did old man Danvers put you up to that?

Anonymous said...

Agree with the views re PDB.

Just one thing, doubt very much this is a free occasion - much more likely it is pre-paid whether the ratepayers wish to attend or not.