Monday, February 3, 2014

Dont Forget to Shut the Stable Door, idjit.

Maruia Falls on the Shenandoah Road between Springs Junction and Murchison.

The scene of a drowning tragedy when a mate jumped in to help his friend swimming above the falls was then sucked over. Sadly the swimmer was saved by others but the would be rescuer drowned.

The falls had a second near miss earlier last week when a Belgian Tourist "CLIMBED OVER A BARRIER" to take a photo, slipped and fell into the water.

The Press reports Minister of Conservation, Nick 'Dopey' Smith has called for a "review of safety" as two incidents in a week "IS TOO MANY". I guess if a third stupid rejects simple self preservation as a personal responsibility and drowns it will require a commission of inquiry and resignation of the minister, now there's a thought.

You tosser why not introduce legislation making stupidity an offence with appropriate penalties.

Wilfully ignoring signs, climbing over barriers, and other mindless acts of stupidity should incur hefty fines for both those who survive and the residual estates of those that perish as a source of funding for the cash strapped department.

Ever been to the Glacier faces of Fox and Franz Joseph, the barriers are so far from the faces as to make any reasonable tourists camera redundant and observation rates of visitors obeying what seem rather OTT with safety barriers ignored by almost all who walk up the rivers to view.
It is a good walk to both and to then expect those who have done that to stop a couple of hundred meters from what they came to view is another error of understanding the human mind. more so when "guided tours" are clambering over the glacial ice.

Don't wast money on a review, leave it to your representative with oversight of the falls to do what he is paid to do and let the terminally stupid continue to dice with Darwin.

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