Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Which Way, With Whom

Over recent days,  three politicians have articulated their vision for this country moving forward as 2014 unfolds.

Well it is on the way really with January almost a spent force.

Key opened with a massive revamp of education where excellence, effectiveness and efficiency will be finally brought to bear, as the major plank of a 'state of the nation' speech that pointed firmly to the countries future through improvements in education.

That was followed by an ideologically based step back to totalitarianism with a co leader of an extreme socialist party policy to replace deadbeat parents with significant state intervention into nurture and care of some of our vulnerable young that would sweep up children loved and cared for by good parents who happen to live within the catchment of lower decile schools.

Then yesterday the current leader of her majesty's loyal opposition made a massive move to bribe middle New Zealand voters with a blatant $60 pw for virtually all mothers of babies in their first year of life after birth. The parameters included doubling Cullan's "rich prick" income level from $70k to $150k.

So we had a State of the Nation , a Shape of the Nation and finally the Fate of the Nation.

Hosking summed it all up this morning, I am paraphrasing; 'the choice is simple we can advance by opening books with Key or opening legs with the other options.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The way Cunliffe and Turei are going it's going to be a Keyslide - Gnats 55%.