Thursday, January 23, 2014

Whats In A Name.

It gives instant identification of an individual accepting the occasional confusion with duplication.
A problem that requires additional Id such as gender, age, address, photo etc to resolve.

Then we come to names that ascribe a belief, a calling, an activity or a social bloc.

These names/titles/ descriptives are often abusive, denigrating or embarrassing and all too often do not relay accurate information such as maybe intended.

In the 17th century political power was in the hands of The Torys and their opponents The Whigs, two groups of a ruling class that allowed no real input from the lower classes.
Torys, largely supported the Stuart restoration while the Whigs supported the protestant line that lay with the Hanoverians. With the failure of the Stuarts following the glorious revolution those two movements morphed into Conservatives for Torys and Liberals for the Whigs.
Now the Whig brand has disappeared with time and the Liberals have largely been supplanted by Labour although the Lib Dems in the UK are resisting their slide into oblivion.
However Tory has survived and is still used today to label any right of center advocate as a denigrating epithet,

Right and left also are very inaccurate descriptives as what I consider to be an example of Right Wing has very little presence in our political spectrum today. That said many so called capitalist barons can be found in labour ranks.
That blurring leads me to employ terms such as Socialist, Marxist, Anarchist, pragmatist and Capitalist, often in the interests of accuracy

The real chaotic confusion at present, is the remarkable scenario of an extremely wealthy foreigner, who, in flailing around in a variety of machinations to avoid the law, run a dodgy business empire from his rented home, make music that has been widely panned as below par and of course the latest,  launch a political party to contest the election scheduled for this year, represents the despised 1% yet is the posterboy for many deeply embedded on the extreme left.
Traditional pigeon-holing would have this very highly rated BMI individual,  wanted by American Courts to be placed firmly in classifications variously labeled capitalist, greedy rich prick, tory, plutocrat, bourgeois, oppressor, whatever.
Surprise surprise though, have a gander at those who grope for the coat-tails of this convicted criminal;
Politicians from John Banks down, various sympathetic socialist  Journalists from the NZ Herald, Socialist columnist Chris Trotter from Bowally Rd, and one of the most deeply embedded socialist activists Martyn Suicide Bomber Bradbury, apparently with no problem attatching his sorry carcass to one of the despised 1% for the reward of a few shekels.
Another who has lost his cover as a credible journalist, the general manager of "Scoop", a news organisation accredited to the Parliamentary Press gallery, one Alistair Thompson, who has dumped any last shreds of dignity by casting his body on the funeral pyre as would a loyal Hindu Wife.

Calling me a Tory is laughable as I would never have held the social status to
be given an opportunity to join either The Whigs or the Torys but a capitalist, albeit very modest, I most certainly am.

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