Sunday, January 5, 2014


That the Western Australian Greens orchestrated a rally to protest against the State Government's plans to institute a shark cull from beaches frequented by swimmers.  You can view the TV news report here

Even more unbelievable is that a reported 3,000 people turned up at the rally.

This in a State which last year recorded several fatalities from shark attack.   Give me strength.   Sharks are not cuddly creatures, they are predator killers.   

Question .... did anyone bother to ask the families of the deceased their opinion?

What next ...  a campaign to make it an offense to kill a brown snake or the possum?

More evidence that the Greens on both sides of the Tasman are off the planet and unfit for government.  


ZenTiger said...

It's times like these the government must wonder about the efficiencies of feeding the sharks with protesters, thus satisfying all parties.

With the rising sea levels due to Global Warming, surely the Greenies know it's just a matter of time before the sharks are swimming into shopping malls for some fast food?


Angry Tory said...

I'm with the Greenies on this. Why waste some nett taxpayer's scarce dollars on making a public beach shark-free so bludgers can swim?

Let the bludgers feed themselves to the sharks, if that's their wish.

And yeah - a high proportion of those shark-bait bludgers are Kiwis.

If you want a real holiday go to a private resort with shark nets & active, armed patrols.

Judge Holden said...

The roads claim thousands of lives in Aus, sharks a handful and yet you guys shriek and scream about not being allowed to drink and drive and having to abide by speed limits and want to kill all the sharks. Typical right wing mindset - totally fuckwitted.

Psycho Milt said...

Oh great, Sinner's back.

Re the post: Sharks are threatened species, and these fuckwits are planning to kill even more of them because modern humans can't bear the reality that swimming in the sea involves risk. You bet the Greens won't have any trouble getting people to turn up to protest it.

Question .... did anyone bother to ask the families of the deceased their opinion?

I certainly hope not. The people least in a position to offer rational input into a conversation about what to do against a particular potentially fatal risk are the family of someone who died from it.

Nick K said...

This in a State which last year recorded several fatalities from shark attack. Give me strength. Sharks are not cuddly creatures, they are predator killers.

Actually, humans are more predatory killers than sharks as evidenced by the government here using its predatory powers to kill them. I'm with the Greens on this one too.

Noel said...

Here's an interesting bit of research on the issue.

"Research has shown the number of shark bite incidents occurring each year appears to be directly related to the amount of time people spend in the sea. Given that Western Australia has the fastest population growth of any Australian state, there is likely to be an increasing number of people venturing out into our coastal waters every year. Thus, the likelihood of someone encountering a shark increases and with it a corresponding increase in shark bite incidents."

In a nutshell the number of attacks can be prevented by reducing the numbers of people in the sea without the need to cull.

Somehow I can't see that happening.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

For once I agree with the protesters.

I suspect it's also a bit of bullshit to talk about rendering a beach 'shark free.' The bloody things swim for hundreds of miles you know.

Anonymous said...

I thought nature was all about the survival of the fittest. What we have here in the green mindset is the surrender of the fittest.
Sharks a threatened species? Jump in the water with a pointer and nature will exhibit which species is the threatened one.
Culling them is a bit like the war on drugs. Gets the odd neighborhood ringleader until the next one turns up. As for the Greens'...whom the gods would destroy they first make mad'


Anonymous said...

Actually, it is an offense to kill a possum in Australia (or Queensland at least)- true..

Anonymous said...

told ya

The Veteran said...

Holden ... one of your more bizarre post. This was about sharks pure and simple ... and the fact that, given a chance, they eat people.

Nothing about drinking and driving but, if you want to push the point, I would hazard a guess that, up here at least, the majority of offenders seem to come from the 'left' voting demographic.

But as Hone would say ... it's all our fault. Having introduced 'them' to the evils of drink they, poor downtrodden souls that they are, still reeling from colonial injustices, can't be blamed for their failure to adhere to societal norms.


Judge Holden said...

"This was about sharks pure and simple ... and the fact that, given a chance, they eat people"

So do Tigers, can we kill all of them as well? Tuis can annoy people trying to sleep in in the morning, we'll have to cull them I guess. And Elephants are really offensively ugly. Out they go!

Right-wingers are true morons, this is just more proof.

Exclamation Mark said...

^^^^ Hey look kids! A really sad strawman!

For the record, I'm with the Greens on this one too.

Watcher said...

Aw Judge you spoiled it.
He was on the back foot from the start when he focused on claiming it was only a "greenie" protest in line with he real bias not the sharks.

I believe Noel summed it up quite well.

Garrick said...

Waihi Beach had several shark sightings recently. They disappeared when Helen Clark went boogie boarding. It may just have been coincidence, but desperate measures are being used. Does Kevin Rudd not swim in the sea?