Friday, January 3, 2014


Seems to be on for young and old, the good and the great, the ugly and the not so ugly and the rich and the poor, so my turn now  (especially as I don't fit into any of those categories)  ........

#1   The economy will continue to improve against virtually every indices measured.

#2   NZL unemployment will track lower than across the ditch.

#3   There will be new 'bombshell' revelations against Mayor Brown who will resign.

#4   John Banks will be found guilty and will resign from Parliament.    Come the election there will be no 'cup of tea' for ACT who will disappear into the dustbin of history.

#5   National will campaign against the promise of further tax cuts and end up with at least 8 more seats than Labour following the election.

#6   The Greens will not win as many seats as they have now.

#7    Winston First will not crack the 5% threshold.

#8    The Conservatives will be represented in Parliament but not necessarily by Brendon Horan who will switch from Independent to the Conservatives to stand.

#9     Dunne will win Ohariu.

#10.  Te Ururoa Flavell will be Speaker.

#11.  David Bain will not win compensation while Judith Collins remains in Government.

#12   At Mark Lundy's retrial the jury will be unable to reach a verdict.

You are of course welcome to agree or disagree.   Don't dismiss #10 out of hand


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Not sure about Banks being found guilty but agree Act will disappear.

Palus said...

Sounds pretty fair to me.

pdm said...

10 - David Carter will be pleased - he does not look happy or comfortable as Speaker.

paul scott said...

Yes I do dismiss 10 out of hand.
Speaker is a conservative appointment