Monday, January 27, 2014

This God Moves in a Predictable Way.

Women having a sprog will get an extra $60 a week for the first year.

Here is the kicker, it will be paid to those poor buggers struggling along on up to 150k a year.

Surprise surprise a humble back bencher will qualify, they only get around 144k

Well done Davy some of those  out on the Waitemata today, pictured in the background, will definitely need it to put diesel in the tank tonight.

A real posterboy for those on struggle street.

How much is the running total of bribes from you and your melon mates, and it is still January.

State of the Nation pfft, fate of the Nation more like, and that will be dire indeed, if you and your melon mates get the keys to the Crown Cars.

Now that nice kindly looking old man pictured on the wall of your office when you were placed in that job way above your station, did not intend to give such largesse to those earning over four times the median income, it was a safety net for those who found themselves in a degree of want that current  claims about poverty levels makes for a very sick joke.

Allah on a bike even your illustrious predecessor, Dr who couldn't cure a fungal infection Cullen, had rich pricks at around half your qualifying  income levels.

Show us the money, David I, David II or even Padre David III, any old dave will do or have you a davess with an opinion.

Btw nonce it is Lorde with an e and you use her music, I hope you pay for it.


smttc said...

You might want to rethink the last word in the second paragraph of your otherwise good rant.

gravedodger said...

Thanks mate, corrected.
Seasons greetings to you and yours.

David said...

GD, I think it is $150K PER YEAR, rather than per week. Just sayin'

David said...

Forget I spoke