Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thats how someone else sees things.

Something from The Pickering Post

Australia is not the biggest country in the world, but it is still massive and it’s extremely difficult to comprehend the size while drinking lattes in Lygon Street. 
I needed to try to understand, so I left Sydney in a Robinson R22 helicopter and returned five months later from the opposite direction. 
In the meantime I had circumnavigated Australia at 500ft. If only it had been a 53 seat helicopter I could have shown those ice-breaking-global warming galahs stuff they’ll never understand.
It’s the sheer size that makes you feel incredibly insignificant. The permanent fires that litter the endless horizons, the billions of trees that die only to become carbon food for new ones. 
The billion year-old mountain ranges that retain residual heat to attract endless life-giving rains for thirsty plains.
The Aboriginal tenants who, over 60,000 years, grew to understand, rather than dictate, the magic balance. 
I have never felt so small amid the unknown vastness of the Kimberley, which can only be seen with pre-arranged fuel drops. Where uncatalogued species survive and thrive without fear of the human they have never seen.
Somewhere in this unknown world of the deep Kimberley is a tribe of white Aborigines. Well, the Bushtucker Man, Les Hiddins, claims to have seen them.
I didn’t, but when you see the Kimberley’s fertility and imagine the Portuguese and Dutch sailors that were shipwrecked on this foreign coastline 200 years before Cook was born, well, maybe, just maybe. 
I still can’t get my head around the magnitude of the expanse or its boundless unclaimed fecundity and diversity. Just how little effect man could possibly have on all this becomes clear when, what Greens call “damage”, is seen to regenerate and display a resilience greater than before.
Grand cities are mere pinpricks producing miniscule amounts of carbon that convert to miniscule growth.
If a global warmist can comprehend that then he/she has a far bigger mind than my feeble one. 
Okay, then take in the surrounding oceans and their effect and the close proximity of another land almost twice the size of Australia... yes, Antarctica.
Does a warmist stand astride these two continents like a controlling Colossus?
No. He/she is no more than a piece of dried goanna scat blowing in the wind.

Of course such would not be seen on the ALPBC, Fauxfacts or any other dribbling content written by skilled and trained journalists.
Thanks Larry.


mark said...

Do the foul ruminations below of the anti-semite Pickering impress you too?.

"The bleating Jews who actually believe they are God's people are still combing the world looking for war-crime culprits. [...] Of course the "holocaust" happened but it was one of the many episodes of war and far from the worst in terms of human life. But Jews believe they are God's people... so they are more important."
"The vanity-driven, thieving Jews did not have a country so they stole someone else's with the West's (and the East's) blessing... and we wonder why we are hated. Sure, the Jews are more industrious and inventive than the lazy Arabs. The Arabs have used receipts from the West's addiction to oil to build crass monuments to themselves. An oil drunk Arab's benchmark of success is to have a hundred more Rolls Royces than his cousin."

Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm struggling to see how your comment is relevant to Gravedodger's post. Perhaps you could enlighten me.