Monday, January 6, 2014


As the whitewash unfolded at the SCG yesterday, this event in Michael Carberry's innings summed up the Pommy effort.

Playing a very defensive prod, the ball smashed Carberry's bat in two, just below the splice.
As with Alistair Cookes's men, the bat was just not up for it, broken, battered and no further use.

Australian top order batting was not a great effort but someone always stood up, usually Brad Haddon, to steady the ship.

The English had the winning of the game in Melbourne but could not make it stick.

That was a hiding and that bat will have to be replaced as will Pietersen, Anderson, Panesar, along with the defections Trott and Swann.

Not much mention of young star, Ben Stokes' NZ origins but I guess with the multi nation origins of current English team that does not surprise.

A real hoot when he could not understand the media question as to "was he ready for the Fray",  responding with "don't use big words with me"!!! FRAY??? BIG???


Psycho Milt said...

"dont use big words with me"

I'm sure his intended meaning was "Don't speak words to me that are only familiar to people with a vocabulary extended by reading," but he lacked the vocabularly to say it.

Anonymous said...

Pietersen scores the most runs for England during the tour and he must be dropped? Probably you just have a personal dislike for him so it makes your commentary worthless.

Dickie Bird

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

If his origins were NZ he probably thought Fray was the day before Saday.

Anonymous said...

No Minister - A bunch of tall poppy hatin' old farts.

Marc said...

One irony, it was an Australian manufactured bat that wasn't up to the job! Maybe it had the self-destruct gene that was also in the England mentality.