Monday, January 13, 2014

That is not News!!

Try the journalism course again and if you still think it is, you are too thick to graduate.

A once convicted, then acquitted after a Privy Council directed review leading to a retrial, that 40 something year old man gets married.
He and his now wife turned down multiple offers from the glossys for an 'exclusive' and held the ceremony in a wedding venue South West of Christchurch but didn't think to follow Dan and Honor Carter's lead and get a no fly zone in the airspace above.

However what passes for News gathering here in NZ and to be fair it is not just local, decided that the nuptials of a man many are convinced slaughtered his entire family nineteen and a half years ago at "65 Every St", lol, Andersons Bay Dunedin, have made extraordinary efforts to make it News during the traditional News drought of our summer hols.
The latest "scoop" reveals his Groomsman to be a convicted killer and rapist who became Bain's bestist mate in prison, now on lifetime parole for his act of butchery
This chap killed a woman in Hokitika about one month before the dysfunctional Bain family perished from rifle shots, a crime far too many believe David, the sole immediate family survivor, committed.

This is not about Bain, his culpability or his marriage to the daughter of one of his supporters.
This is about the MSM attempting to make content to put in their broadsheet toilet wipes in a forlorn effort at making readership with disregard for what seemed to be an understandable desire for privacy.

Bain has been acquitted of the crime by a justice system we can all find fault with, but  he is currently now officially "innocent".
Minister Collins is still grappling with the question of compensation for alleged wrongful incarceration.
 Such largess to be accessed and awarded, requires under our system, for Survivor Bain to basically prove beyond doubt that he is indeed innocent on a balance of probabilities.  For the shallow carpark puddle of talent that is todays MSM to ignore the clear wishes of this pathetic bunch for privacy is imo appalling and inappropriate.
We mostly accept that not guilty is what it says and makes no decision on the truth or facts. In the absence of a not proven option, thats it.
I guess my call is for the inane journalistic profession to go and find something else to put on their frontpage and leave Bain, Karam and the POS Paul Russell Wilson to  live their lives within the parameters our current justice system delivers.
A "best Man" is regarded by many as just that, a best mate, so if not Joe Karam where else would Bain find a  best mate other than where he spent so many years with a very small bunch of candidates. His little brother Stephen, regretfully is no longer available.

Bain getting married, who attended and where, is not freakin news.


Tinman said...

GD the reason the slime produce crap of this nature is because people read it.

They know people read it because bloody fools then comment on it on blogs such as this one.

In fact this is one of the stories in which the old ignore it and it'll go away will actually work.

Anonymous said...

Inane, crass, vulgar, shallow ...what else do you expect?

They're maggots.


Watcher said...

"They know people read it because bloody fools then comment on it on blogs such as this one."

Add to that given that it was private only for the purposes of a future exclusive you have to wonder where these snippets originate.