Tuesday, January 14, 2014


In France rooting away is almost mandatory for Politicians, at least it is no embarrassment.
Here in provincial  NZ many of the citizens have a more moral view on such infidelities, particularly in the modus operandi.

Laughable Len brown made a few alterations to the script that Hollande and his predecessors among rooting French leaders followed.

Len vicariously carried out his fantasies on council premises, in working time, using council resources, in total defiance of the rules of employment for other council officials and included some suspected beneficial acts of reward for the object of his lust.

Hollande, the latest in a long line of French leaders otoh, met his "actress" in a Flat belonging to an actress friend of the paramour, after hours.

Len used Hotels that possibly came within the perks for his job.

Hollande admittedly employed a 'chauffeur,' Len used the Limmo complete with driver to get the few meters from office to boudoir and also used the Limmo to send Bevan away home. More importantly m Hollande travelled on a freakin "scooter".

On the evidence known Len made moves to advance his Giesha Girl, whereas good old Francois appears to be just a user, whether that is a plus for Len I am not sure.

About the only commonality existing for the two rooting socialists is in their economic management skills and they are not flash.

Scooter Rooter has overwhelming support, The First Lady not so much, The Actress, well nobody cares, just much apparent jealousy and/or envy.
Poor old Len has support that can be counted on two hands, Shan Inglis has sympathy, and Bevan Chuang is dogtucker


Watcher said...

"On the evidence known Len made moves to advance his Giesha Girl"

Ahh no. Read the report. There was no advantage.

gravedodger said...

No, not in the whitewash Watcher but considerable information published around Chuang's application for the library job, the interpreter gigs, and her role as ethnic affairs committee member.
You know for a fact she made those advances sans any involvement from the Mayors Office.

Who set up the E & Y inquiry and how wide was that net cast.

Some of my opinion is based on other sources including the signed Affadavit published on Cameron Slaters News Blog.

Lyen Len Browns quick return to work after his holiday leave indicates he is not so confident Auckland has moved on as yet.

Btw I wonder where that other Security Guard, you know the one not caught rooting on council premises who was dismissed and had that firing upheld by employment law, but the one who was a witness to the desecration of the cultural sanctity of the Ngati Whatua meeting room, is these days.
Surely his silence was of some small advantage to Bevan until she spilt her guts.

Watcher said...

"No, not in the whitewash"
" signed Affadavit published on Cameron Slaters News Blog."

Remind me again where a affidavit sits. Oh that's right one step above hearsay.

Anonymous said...

"...Here in provincial NZ..."

Speak for yourself, grandad.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Oh that's right one step above hearsay.

Where do you live? Zimbabwe?

Anonymous said...

I believe Watcher is comparing an investigative report pay for Auckland ratepayers and something on Cameron Slaters blog.

And you're saying the latter is more accurate.

gravedodger said...

The 'something' on Whaleoil was a signed affadavit, limited only as to what Chuang had included and signed.
The E&Y report was presented from the ToR set out by McKay with Browns input and then sanitised after Brown had a chance to view and input further before publication, sheesh wayne.

The premature, vertically challenged, unrepentent, incompetent and now apparently "possum in the headlights" socialist could ride the whole stinking mess out yet but at what further cost to the ratepayers, already at eye watering levels.
Compost always stinks unless turned regularly.

Anonymous said...

I have very little sympathy for Shan. She was instrumental, as mistress, in the breakdown of Len's first marriage.

She should have known then what sort of character she was getting involved with.

What does intrigue me is the lack of outrage from the local iwi at the 'desecration' of the Ngati Whatua room (who knew such a room existed).

Or did I miss it?

Mrs Danvers

Paulus said...

Brown's PR team are going to use Hollande's current escapade as justification for Lyin Len's position.
In France it is expected, so why not Auckland.
Get over it.

gravedodger said...

IMHO it is Lennie who is facing obstacles and they are considerable.

Will he make it is the question?

BTW have you put your name down at the library for "Fifty Shades of Brown", it's going gang busters.

As for the m Hollande defence, He chose a successful actress, who already had her career, money and somewhere for the rooting, a mates flat.
Lennies pick was on the make, looking for work for the other 1438 minutes of her day, and apparently had nowhere suitable for the action.
m Hollande also was a lot more romantic, I mean heading out complete with ff helmet, on the pussy seat of a moped driven by "his man", almost James Bond eh.

Good luck Auckland, if Paulus has it right it will be a long two years and nine months of chaos.
Len will be lucky to draw a crowd with free ice cream on a warm day.

Anonymous said...

The 'something' on Whaleoil was a signed affadavit, limited only as to what Chuang had included and signed."

Watcher got it right. Hearsay!!!!