Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I have a fair degree of respect for Graeme Lowe (sometime Kiwi Coach) and agree with him completely in his call that Russell Packer should never again be selected to play NRL or International League following his jailing this week in Sydney for a serious assault when drunk.    There is no excuse for kicking someone in the head and nothing can mitigate that.

I acknowledge that League is a tough sport but I do think it needs to take a look at itself.    I don't have a problem with TV Commentators delighting in acknowledging the  'big' hits but what League doesn't need is the bozo element that figures in the (Aust) Footy Show that is forever calling to 'bring back the biff''.    

There is clearly an element in League that considers this acceptable and, if it's part of the culture 'on field', should we be entirely surprised when it translates into 'off-field' behaviour too?

I think not.



Psycho Milt said...

The worst part of it is the news reports all seem to go on about an example being made of him, as though two years in jail for an unprovoked beating that could easily have killed the victim were somehow unreasonable. Pissed fuckwits smashing people to the ground and stamping on their head is something we could use a hell of a lot less of - if this is setting an example, it's a fucking good example.

Watcher said...

When did "once the man is down the fight has ended" change to the thuggery of today?

Noel said...

The other one is king hitting.
My son last Christmas went to the defence of his niece during a verbal with someone else and ended up at the hospital. Fortunately only required observation.
Is it we are producing a greater number of cowards these days?

Exclamation Mark said...

The Packer thing seems rare in that there wasn't some wanker filming the whole thing on their phone and rushing off to youtube with it. This is a seperate issue to the actual violence but it sure isn't helping matters.

IMHO the violence seems to be stem - at least partially - from nearly everyone having to be a hard man these days. People (females included) can't be seen to be a "pussy" and back down from a confrontation - especially if they start it. And maybe this is where the phone filming comes into to it - if you know you are being filmed and walking away is going to result in your eventual humiliation on youtube and facebook then there is more of an incentive to start throwing punches.

Obviously this doesn't apply to Packer - he's big boy who got humiliated by a couple of bouncers who weren't scared of his size and took his embarrasment out on the nearest victim he could find. No sympathy for Packer - I can think of one or two rugby players here in NZ who go do with a similar stretch behind bars.

gravedodger said...

I cant help wondering if Packer had been a "star" cough cough, of State of Origion for the Blues or the Maroons, would this judge have been so bold.

Anonymous said...

Enoka Time instigated the fight. Packer was overly aggressive but it wasn't as if Enoka was hit from behind, didn't see it coming etc.. He started it and Russell is in jail. Now he is trying to extort money from the Knights.....Real victim.