Friday, January 3, 2014


What is a diphthong?

Martyn Bradbury wearing jandals to the symphony.

When Len Brown's heart peters out next year from all the stress, will Auckland City staff observe two minutes silence at the appointed funereal hour?

How long will it be before the Auditor General enquires into all the goings on not covered by the Auckland City enquiry?

Will the Minister sack the Council and appoint a commissioner?

Who will Labour put up as its candidate at the new election?   Tindall? Tizzard? Harvey? Clark? Rudman?

Who will be the Centre Right candidate?  (Never heard of  Palamino!) Hide? Williamson? Isaac? Brewer? Gaynor?

Will Auckland elect a Maori mayor?  Withers,? Sharples,? Henare? Walters?

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