Friday, January 31, 2014


From the time he sacked the democratically elected Hawkes Bay District Health Board only a few weeks after they were elected I have considered Cunliffe to be an Arrogant Prick. In the last couple of weeks he has proven himself to be more than that and I now consider him to be a Stupid Ignorant Arrogant Prick. It worries me that there are voters equally stupid who may cause him to be elected Prime Minister of New Zealand by this time next year and I say - God Defend New Zealand from that fate.


smmtc said...

PDM, don't worry. It is not going to happen.

FFS, he can't even get polls able to be rigged to say his baby bribe policy is a good idea.

Plus, he is one of those unfortunate pollies who just does not look sincere every time he opens his mouth.

Even the sheeple will not vote for someone they cannot believe in.

ZenTiger said...

We'll need a new flag to celebrate the occasion. One that reflects the "true character" of the nation.

I'm seeing the image of a poverty stricken child, the discarded backpack from a German tourist, the last hector dolphin, the iron fist representing colonial oppression of the Maori, uncle sam to represent policies written in washington, cloak and dagger to recognise spying and an arsehole to represent gay rights. Are you suggesting Cunliffe fits the bill? Shame!

Psycho Milt said...

You should submit this flag for consideration in the referendum - I'm sure there'd be enough voters with a sense of humour for it to seriously threaten Key's preferred option of an Anarchist flag with what looks like a white feather on it.

Anonymous said...

An interesting comment from a foreigner during an earlier Americas Cup. Looking at the stylized silver fern on the hull, he wondered out loud why the NZ boat has a fish skeleton painted on it.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Maybe it had a skeleton crew?

If, with a straight face, you'd told him that he might have believed you.