Monday, January 20, 2014

Many just do not get it and mediocrity prevails for The NZLP

Went off road to The Standard primarily to gauge their treatment of Mayor Brown's use of seven security guards for the opening of the Panmure Railway Station, his first meet and greet for weeks after the ACC unanimously voted a motion of censure in response to his cavalier attitude to what the powers and responsibilities of his high office actually represent in the eyes of  many
Not surprisingly it was not worth a post there but then the despicable little scroat has done nothing wrong I guess,  in the view of those deluded souls.

While loitering without intent I noticed a post from "Micky Savage" aka Greg Pressland on the announced retirement of three term Wairarapa MP John Hayes, inferring the usual mantra that ten National MPs, Hayes makes ten, is some sort of negative for the National Party.
John Hayes is Sixtyfive in March and nine years as an electorate MP and a serious challenge from successful local man Alistair Scott is probably something Mr Hayes cannot be bothered fighting.

Scott  with an impressive CV, yet to gain selection of course, with success in several fields and current involvement in local affairs in his community where the Seat now incorporates most of Pahiatua blue ribbon with the "bellwether" seat that usually went with the FPP winner of the Treasury benches.

I have no knowledge as to the motivations of the departure of all of the ten but on the published information they seem pretty  understandable.
John Hayes has a very solid career starting as an Agricultural Economist,  moving into Public service then diplomatic service in the Asian region with serious involvement in the 'Bouganville troubles', having his chopper shotdown by rebels among incidents that culminated in a solution reached,  for which he was awarded the ONZM.

Yes John is a white heterosexual male with a record in public and private commercial work who lived in Greytown and successfully saw off the NZLP candidates in three elections the last with a majority of over 7000.
The Man who seeks to replace him has on published information an equally impressive CV with the added plus he is almost 20 years younger than Hayes.
They are records that along with creating a stinging contrast to the desperate trough toiling that a person wanting to be in the Labour Pen must have to survive, both make for a widening of the knowledge and experience needed by a modern broard church political party currently offering such riches to Team Key.

The renewal occurring in National could not be a greater contrast with Cunliffe's tired old troughers who would struggle to gain any meaningful work away from The Parliament let alone anything as financially rewarding. Only Ross Robertson has accepted the march of time and retired, albeit to a sinecure at Community board level for some pocket money and maybe a bit of relevance, leaving a bunch of tired old hacks.
Phil Goff who first entered the House when Wallace Rowling who got monstered by Muldoon, was leaving after twentytwo years.
Annette King,  Trevor Mallard, Ruth Dyson and Clayton Cosgrove all entered the Parliament last century, the first two when Lange ended Muldoons administration in 1984,  all show no signs of leaving anytime soon.

Colin King, Chris Auchinvolle, Shane Adern, Kate Wilkinson, Chris Tremain, Jackie Blue, Katrina Shanks, Eric Roy, Kate Wilkinson and now John Hayes all from successful and varied careers, came, contributed and now leave.
The best the poster and his inane bunch of sycophants can counter with , is references to Richard Worth, and Aarron Gilmore, they just do not get it, sadly for NZ politics and Cunliffe's future.


Psycho Milt said...

National's certainly getting the MP turnover that Labour desperately needs. Of course, that has less to do with National being a better party than Labour, than with National MPs not expecting to win this year and letting someone else have the shit job of Opposition.

Anonymous said...

"than with National MPs not expecting to win this year and letting someone else have the shit job of Opposition."...

National MPs vouchsafed this to you personally did they Milt?
You are well connected.

Exclamation Mark said...

That's the big problem for Labour though Milt: the "shit job of Opposition" is still a far more desirable job for Labour MPs than any other they'd get outside parliament. Why else do you think they hang on to the perk-laden gig for so long?

Anonymous said...

Milt's over-simplifying, but I bet there have been a number of conversations on the theme of "you won't want to be there if we lose, and there's no promotions for you if we win. Resign now and we'll get DPF to say nice things about you and find a couple of directorships..."

watcher said...

"perk-laden gig"

Hold it the Select Committee comprising members from most of the parties elected to go against the submissions on their perks and remain with the current "we will decide."

They are all trough feeders

Pot, kettle, black, pot.

Watcher said...

"find a couple of directorships..."

Don't forget UN appointments and immigration consultants to name just a few.

The Veteran said...

Watcher ... re UN appointments and I wasn't aware that Helun was recruiting again for disgraced Labour Party hacks ... she has enough of them now on her payrole.

Paul said...

John Hayes has been a good loyal New Zealand servant.
Look at his whole CV.
He has done more than any Labour or Green Taliban members combined.