Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just When We Thought The Silly Season Was Finished,

Ex Mcgillycuddie, Legalise Hooch parties,  now current clothes horse for the overweight fashion garment industry, has a policy launch in Wellywood.

Quite an appropriate location really, for a fairytale or was that a horror story.

Mad Tuatara has suggested New Zealand place children from Decile 1,2,3and 4 schools in an institutional environment to provide education, shelter, health, welfare and food in a socalled better  way.
The move to this radical policy in potentially improving outcomes for such spawn will be provided by the Party in "HUBS" at a very affordable ninety million dollars pa.
What will be the Latin Te Reo lettering over the entrance for such anti family  institutions.
Didn't Soviet Russia have a similar system.

Many thinking citizens saw the provision of brekkie as a move to a slippery slope.

Will a rich kid whose Mum n Dad happen to live within the district where the only school is D2 be forced into this system?
What about visitation rights.
What about the welfare such children generate will it be withdrawn to fund the child at the Hub or will the poor parents retain it so they vote green to make it happen. The ninety mill cost required suggests the latter
What an opportunity for those who preyed on  defensless kids in times past; priests, matrons, the cunning  and  the philosophically inclined to make hay in such a golden opportunity. What a unique chance for predatory as yet uncovered paedo teachers, they will get much closer involvement with their targets in a favorable environment.

Parents have children and then  they look after them. Support them yes, put policy in place to allow them to get on with it, then get the hell out of their lives with such  pseudo support disguised as help in another form of welfare.
Remember the most scary words you will ever hear; "I am from the Government and I am here to help" Ronald Regan.

 Back under your rock you intellectually challenged bint, go back to your holidays, welfare is the root cause for much of what you are using to justify such arrant nonsense, kids need and deserve much better, certainly  less of the soul destroying corrupting consequences such rubbish will deliver.


Shane Ponting said...

Fromm innocents to agents of the state. Didn't Maxim write a book on that very topic.

Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thank you. So I am not alone in being on one hand bemused and on the other utterly angered by this woman. Also blogged my response but not quite as eloquently as you :-)

Anonymous said...

"now current clothes horse for the overweight fashion garment industry"
"Back under your rock you intellectually challenged bint"

Very "eloquent' Lindsay.

Anonymous said...

If Kiwi parents loved their kids they wouldn't send them to state schools, especially low decile schools.

So half of kiwi parents actually hate their kids, send them to crap schools decile 5 and below.

Paulus said...

There were more media there than very aged and fat Greenpeace Party members.