Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I see that TV1 is reporting that Tall Fern Basketballer Jordina Katu is seeking a 'discharge without conviction' when she is sentenced in the Auckland District Court today after being caught drink driving when she blew a reading of 704 mg/ltr of breath which is almost double the legal limit.

The incident occurred following a birthday party Katu attended where the so called designated driver had too much to drink and she decided to take over driving duties.

Katu is arguing that a conviction could limit her international travel and ruin her dream of competing in the 2016 Olympics.    She said that being discharged would not be seen as showing favouritism to sports stars.

To that I say BULLSHIT.    She should be treated like any other person caught drink driving.   No better and certainly no less.  I expect the Judge to do his/her duty and act without fear or favour.

Updated 16.47 ... Away from court, a Basketball New Zealand spokesman said Katu had a trial for the team but wasn't asked back."She's not even on the radar for the Tall Ferns.''

So, she lied (or at least misspoke).   Funny that ... trust the Judge was made aware of this.



Noel said...

Failure to overturn drink driving convictions range from untimely or failure to allow a requested blood test (the Police notebook time is always treated as superior evidence and it's no good arguing otherwise), the difference between official and private results of blood tests and other less productive claims.

If she get's off this on those grounds I would have to agree you.

Marc said...

Insane Striesand effect - now we ALL know about her dumb decision.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... from my reading of it Katu is not disputing the evidence.

Rather she is playing the 'I made a silly mistake, I'm very sorry, I have undertaken counselling, I have given up drink and I'll never infringe again as long as my arse points down' card.

With another hat on and in another jurisdiction I hear that excuse far too often.

Actions produce consequences. Katu has to face the consequences resulting from her action. She is not entitled to, nor can she expect to receive, special consideration as a sports star.

Just ask Russell Packer.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Silly bitch should could have called up Dial a Driver,

That's what I always did because I knew a consequence of a DIC conviction was the loss of my business and my income.

She would have known the consequences for her of a DIC conviction. Just to mean to pay for Dial a Driver.

Well lady, the price just went up a thousand fold

Anonymous said...

Adolf Fiinkensein do you know her? Yeah what she did was stupid but there is no need for name calling. She's still a good person and what she did was wrong and she knows that now, unfortunately she did not think of the consequences at the time because no one does.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anon @ 4:18

unfortunately she did not think of the consequences at the time because no one does.


Everyone with a brain does.

Do you have a brain? Do you leave it at home when you get out on the piss?

Anonymous said...

Ok everyone... entitled to your opinion but if it was someone you care about youd say this...
Firstly shes not a damn sports star obviously so stop talking about that
Shes been sentenced based on facts so shes serving her time so move forward from that
People makes my mistakes and yes she deserves to be punished....
With all the mean and hurtful things you all are saying about her and her situation when you dont even know who or how awesome she is... shes getting her bad treatment that youre all asking for
All you haters and THE NZ HERALD can mind your own business. Maybe you should gt your facts right before you wrie shit... and to my girl... TRUTH IS ALWAYS BEST.

The Realist said...

The fact is that drunk people are not in the best nick to make even simple decisions. If I get on the turps I always make sure the car is safely at home

The Veteran said...

Anon 6.03 ... 'interesting' comments.

#1 Katu made the claim to be an international sports star and, until the truth came out, posters were entitled to refer to her as such.

#2 Agreed.

#3 Agreed.

#4 If she hadn't 'misspoke' about her status then she would have been just another DIC statistic and gone unnoticed.

#5 Not a "Hater" and just what 'Facts' were wrong (apart from the matter of her non status as a Tall Fern)?

#6 Your last four words sums up the situation perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight was intended for nz herald not posters...

and vet your posts I agree with haters was to address that half-wit that wants to swear alot... get a better vocabulary.

Now you can say she 'MISSPOKE' about her status as a sports star, truth is she straight up lied... and now things have come out its making her look the fool. She knows that.

The fact is nz herald turned up to her house saying to interview her about her Craigeburn contract but REALLY were planning to blow this waaaay out of the water..did they actually.do ANY research and confirm her actually being a tall fern before putting pen to paper NO so they FAIL on that.... because I can google that and confirm she isnt a current member and never has been

Way to go NZ HERALD lets pick on a small fish in a big pond of problems this country has... good work those who are responsible for the interview... you're idiots.

watcher said...

"....get a better vocabulary."
Sadly Adolt has been proven wrong on so many issues that now he can only resort to profanity to attack the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Adolf Fiinkensein, I do have a brain thank you very much! So are you telling me that people who go drinking and then get behind the wheel are like hmmmm If I drive it will get us to where we are going…? If I drive I could kill someone? I’m going to drive I don’t care who’s in my way? If I get pulled over I’m going to speed off? If I drive and get pulled over I’m going to stop? Do you honestly think that people think about consequences? No they don’t! but you must be one of a kind then huh you must think of all the scenarios before you get into the car huh? And don’t even say you have never OK, I don’t know you, You don’t know me and you DEFINITELY don’t know Jordina! So this must make you a BLOODY LEGEND!
Media will always spin *ish to get a story regardless of if the facts are there or not, so they make the story so big, add a little bit of this a little bit of that and makes the person look like a fool a liar and her credibility is lost for days weeks, months years and the apology is only a measly 30seconds.
Even the simplest decisions are costly and she’s pay for that ok and another thing… You don’t know her so don’t judge her!!

The Veteran said...

Anon 9.43 ... we don't need to judge Jordina. The Courts did following due process and she now stands convicted.

But what we are entitled to do is to express outrage when it is reported (rightly or wrongly) that a person is attempting to use his/her status as a sports star in an attempt to persuade the Judge hearing the case to exercise discretion in determining penalty (which he is entitled to do).

No more, no less. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Y'all don't know SHIT! Y'ALL DON'T KNOW HER! I was there that night when it all happened and she is one of my best mates! I believe in second chances and I believe she deserves to have a second chance. She's doing this for her Future, Her childs future, for her family and also to represent NZ in the Olympics! Y'all are bunch of HATERS! Focus on y'all life and leave others alone that are trying to do what's best for them! She has worked her ass off to get where she is! and some of yous just sit on your ass and expect shit to come to yous! It was a simple mistake ok! let's just say luckily a cop stopped her from driving that morning! yes there's a lot of shoulda/woulda/coulda but she admits it was a mistake and she regrets it! we all make mistakes and we all deserve second chances! so just lay off keyboard warriors! #Keyboardwarriors #makemelaugh #getalife

Psycho Milt said...

and some of yous just sit on your ass and expect shit to come to yous!

I find the great thing about sitting on my arse waiting for things to come to me is that the things that come to me are never police officers wanting me to blow into something. Works a treat.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Anonymous babbler

If you were there, why did you not offer to drive her home?

Pissed as a fart, were you?

Anonymous said...


You must be Perfect then? Never made a mistake , EVER??
Idiot! Dont you have anythng better to do , besides hating ? You got problems !! You should just shut your mouth. You know nothng about her.

Psycho Milt said...

Drunk driving isn't a "mistake" - it's a crime that you hope you'll get away with, and you probably will, but there's a chance you won't. If you take that bet and lose, people are going to bad-mouth you - suck it up.