Sunday, January 12, 2014


In spite of the BS those who wish to denigrate him would want to be the truth.

Stuff have a poll running on the Springbok Tour and the protest.

After 650 responses:

Do you remember the Springbok Tour?

Yes, I was a protester

224 votes, 34.5%

Yes, I supported the tour

253 votes, 38.9%

I was here but can't remember what I thought

86 votes, 13.2%

No, I wasn't around

87 votes, 13.4%

Total 650 votes

Unscientific probably but closest to Key's claimed position  has 86 supporting.


The Realist said...

I spoke to a policeman closely involved in the protests and he said the police kept seeing the same faces and clothing at all the protests; the same protestors were bused from venue to venue. The police estimate was that there were about 3000 protestors all up, excluding people who simply didn't agree with the tour.

JC said...

By the time you work out how long ago the protests were, the median age of NZers and those who were say, 18+ years at the time.. that 34.5% who say they were protesters works out to be near 100% of the population in 1981.


Anonymous said...

The poll is on this page:

Edward the Confessor said...

Of course Key was passionately interested in politics (his child hood dream was to be PM) and rugby, and he was a university student. He's a liar. I think you guys know that. The alternative is he has a serious mental defect.

The Realist said...

Edward is right. Key is gutless by not coming out and telling us his true position.