Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Herald Makes Up News - Again

Adam Bennett is flat out plain wrong. 

Note the headline:

Key softens stance on deal with Peters

I'm sorry to tell Mr Bennett but Mr Key may have indicated there is a remote possibility of discussions with NZ First after the election but at no stage did the PM give the slightest hint he would deal with Winston Peters.

I think Mr Key may just have given some in NZ First a bit of encouragement to throw the doddery old bullshitter Peters out onto the scrap heap where he belongs.




Ghost Of Greenwood said...

John Key is an empty suit - he has no coherent political philosophy - at his core he's a calculating wheeler & dealer with all of the moral virtues of a praying mantis. The Cons aren't a shoe in, the mouldy party will probably lose one more seat to Labour, ACT are a pathetic joke, and Dunne, being the two bit crackwhore that he is can't be relied on either.

If the hapless Nats want to win, they need to dredge up a coalition partner from somewhere. Serves them right really for being so disinterested during the MMP review.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One does not often see such profound wisdom in a comment.

Now tell me, GoG, where and when did Mt Key say he might have discussions with Mr Peters?

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

. . . by making himself willing to negotiate with NZ First. Peters IS the party. (or hadn't you noticed)